Posted by Wizard
Oct 27, 2010

NFL picks week 8

My slide continues as I went 2-3 last week. Season to date is now 11-15 and ROI is -19.1%. Here are my picks for week 8.

Jack +6.5 -110
GB +6 -110
Buf +7.5 -110
Ten +3.5 -110
TB +3 EV

Posted by Wizard
Oct 20, 2010

NFL picks week 7

Week 6 I went 1-3. Season to date I'm now 9-12. ROI is -18.4%. Sad.

Here are my week 7 picks.

Cin +3.5 -110
TB -3 110
Sea -5.5 -110
NEP +3 -115
Den -9 EV

I'd like to close by saying goodbye to Tom Bosley. Happy Days was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I've watched it hundreds of times. RIP Mr. C.

Posted by Wizard
Oct 14, 2010

NFL picks week 6

Last week I went 2-2. That brings my seasonal record to 8-9. ROI is -11.0%.

Here is my picks for week 6:

KC +4.5 -110
TB +4.5 -110
Clev +13 -110
Dal +1 +105

Posted by Wizard
Oct 06, 2010

NFL picks week 5

Last week I went 3-1. My overall record is now 6-7. ROI is -12.5%.

Week 5 picks:

StL +3 -110
Clev +3 -120
NYG +3 -115
Ariz +7 -115


bluefire Oct 06, 2010

I don't know anything about sports betting, but from a huge NFL fan's point of view, I can't see STL staying anywhere near the Lions, or CLE near ATL. I can see the Giants keeping it close, and I have mixed feelings on Arizona.

I love Jacksonville -1.5 against the Bills this week (and I'm a Bills fan - ugh), CHI -2.5 at CAR, and GB -2.5 at WSH. Some risk with the away games, but those all seem like lopsided games to me.

bluefire Oct 07, 2010

Nevermind on Chicago, just announced that Cutler is out! I'm with you on CLE.

Ayecarumba Oct 07, 2010

I would go moneyline on the Giants this week. They did some damage to Chicago (literally), and are building some momentum. Their D should be able to, and will need to, contain Houston RB phenom Arian Foster (a real beast) for the win. If they don't, it is going be a long day for the G men.

Posted by Wizard
Sep 30, 2010

NFL picks week 4

Last week I went 2-3. My record is now 3-6 and ROI is -37%. This, so far, is typical of my handicapping ability. Here are my picks for week 4.

SF +7 -110
NYG -3.5 -115
NYJ -5 -110
Ind -7 -110


guido111 Sep 30, 2010

I.m not much into sports betting but it does make for some interesting reading.

There should not be anything wrong with being consistent.

It is my #1 rule of gambling...being consistent.

But if you are that consistent with your handicapping ability would one fair better (make more money) by going opposite your picks?

Wizard Oct 06, 2010

Indeed, if you went the opposite way of my picks that last two seasons, you would have made out very well. However, I think it was just bad luck on my part.