Posted by ropey14
Nov 12, 2013

Sadly Few Craps Games In The UK

I live in Glasgow, UK and, unfortunately, there are few casinos here that have craps tables. The ones that do, tend to open them late at night, presumably due to lack of demand here. That's a real shame because, in my view, it's probably the most exciting of all the table games in any casino. If it was explained better and promoted more in this country I'm sure it could really take off, particularly so in my city where the locals are good natured (if rowdy) individuals who like nothing better than a collective punt against the house. Craps offers that.
Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to how to popularise this great game here?


FleaStiff Nov 12, 2013

So many originally learned craps during wwtwo that the only suggestions I've heard involve starting a new war.

Actually there are videos of live games from casinos that might be of interest.

Its not a team game but there is as you say a certain "Us versus The Casino" attitude.

Buzzard Nov 12, 2013

Sorry, chap, just ain't gonna happen. Games are regional and even racial. If it ain't popular, it ain't popular. Has nothing to do with the game itself. In white bars in Baltimore, the money card game is PITCH. In black bars, it's TONK.

In certain New England cities, the money game is GO FISH. Seriously

ropey14 Nov 13, 2013

Many thanks for your thoughts. It sounds like I'm on a loser but I'll check out all the videos on the game.

WW3 wouldn't really be an option. The folks here are too busy fighting each other. I've never heard of Pitch or Tonk, (or Go Fish!). They sound like good fun though.

Konbu Nov 13, 2013

Create a Facebook page! In all seriousness, it will probably have to start with your gambling friends who are not craps players yet

ropey14 Nov 14, 2013

Never thought of Facebook! That sounds like a good idea. I'll give it a go. Thanks.

FleaStiff Nov 14, 2013

A Meetup group... where proper English gentlemen and their lady friends meet to play the degenerate American game of Craps.