Posted by reserect
Sep 24, 2015

Welcome the Racinos!

Upstate NY is getting more and more Racinos. (Horse Raceway Casinos) They tried to bring a Casino to Rochester but the city turned it down and said that it leads to surrounding neighborhoods to be rundown. I am at odds with this idea because I do love to gamble but historically and fundamentally the naysayers are correct. I visited Niagara Falls and drove around the Seneca Casino and the casino is the nicest structure for six to ten blocks in every direction. Yet the high school in Niagara Falls is one of the nicest that I have ever seen and so is the Library and Firehouse! I know Casinos have to pay taxes to the city to operate and it looks like the funding is going to the public buildings and state funded operations. I digress! Back to my point. Upstate NY has at least six gaming locations with talks to open more. It was legally ruled by New York that the can no longer have Casino in the title because they are basically slot machines centers.

Batavia Downs
Finger Lakes Gaming
The Fairgrounds Gaming
Vernon Downs Gaming
Tioga Downs Gaming

I have not been to the last three but I plan on visiting. These gaming facilities are bringing in a large amount of money to there respective towns and are state run. I see more and more sprouting up. I believe they are easy to staff and manage because much of the work is done by the automated machines. Only when the machines fail to operate does a technician come over to assist you. The other employees are usually environmental services performing clean up for the bathrooms and around slot machines. Going to possible start a website dedicated to Casino play!! Stay tuned!!


LAD Sep 24, 2015

Do not confuse the Racinos with the Casinos.

The Racinos are run by the NYS Lottery and do not have random draws. All winning selections are predetermined by a central computer.

VP is a joke with pay tables meaning nothing.

The Seneca casinos are actual Las Vegas /Atl. City type casinos.

Deck007 Sep 24, 2015

Yes Racinos is the future. The old Class 3 casino is outdated because of too many regulatory huddles. Just look at what Wynn is going through in one of the eastern states.

Rochester should look again at the Racinos.

NY City Racinos is a good example. Security guards and waitress are making $50K a year. How could the surrounding neighborhoods be run down with that income level. The NY state labor board ruled that for this type of industry Genting, the owner has to double the previous pay. I presume this pay level would be maintained throughout the state.

reserect Oct 28, 2015

When you say random draws what are you particularly speaking of? I was concerned that Racinos were based of a central computer or server system because I noticed that payouts from slots fluctuated on a cycle deepening on the time that you visit. So basically you have to figure out the high payout percentage time or is it a balancing act for the server system with the amount of incoming dollars to the Racino?

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Jul 14, 2015

Its July 2015 and I getting the itch again lol!

So I just got a new employment position and was going to stay away from gambling for a while. I wanted to catch up on some debts possibly buy a new car you normal things normal people do lol. To my suprise guess who's a huge gambling fan! The director of my company smh! So I mentioned casually that I like to go to the casino's. Now we are constantly discussing which casinos pay out the best and which games we like the best. The ember that was dying is now turing into flame again :). Now she is making six figures and does not have a spouse to answer too. Makes it so much more fun to go gambling when you have the income. I told her I was trying to slow down but she gave me a look and said you know addicts always say one thing and do another. I don't think I am a addict because if I don't have the extra money, I'm not gambling. I just thought about how when you try to make changes there is this force always providing that one last temptation lmao. Anyways back to gambling strategies.

I realized that I had to understand why I was going to the casino's. If it was to have fun then I really need to have a strategy to make my money stretch. If you can't win money in the long run its all based upon timing, luck, and the day's the casinos turn up the machines to win big. I recently went to the Racino and stayed there for three hours on sixty dollars. I have lost $500 in the past on several occasions in an hour. I noticed that I was more in control of my emotions and stuck to a ten spin minnimum at each slot which made sure I didn't over spend if a slot was not paying. It made me think that if I want to just have fun and not go broke I need to spend less, control my emotions, stick to a strategy, and choose the best slots to play on that day.


odiousgambit Jul 15, 2015

>you know addicts always say one thing and do another

She should know, sounds like LOL.

I remember when the owner of the company I worked for was spotted at a Maryland fire station gambling. That's one of the things you did to gamble on the East coast back in the day [that fire station stuff ended 20 years ago or so]. Unlike the director of your company, I don't think he wanted it known. But we all knew he was a pretty wild guy in his younger days, still showing signs of it too.

reserect Jul 15, 2015

I guess my bigger questions is how do you know if your a gamiblin addict lol? I enjoy it and don't mind spending money on the activity but because I don't have alot of money it could be used better else where but everyone has a hobby, activity, vice, where then spend a considerable portion of there money. Smoking, drinking, fixing old cars, collecting items (music, movies, comic books, stamps) mine happens to be gambling.

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May 04, 2015

2015 haven't been able to get out to the casinos! Still taking losses!

I have been able to get out the gaming casinos here and there but I have had to cut down during this year! Transitioning to a new job and other expenses have slowed me down. Again I owe 1300 hundred in NY taxes for gambling in NY. Its a vicious cycle that you cannot get out of and you just end up taking a loss lol. Its best not to play big in NY I can give anyone that advice because tax hits you so hard its like you never won any money. I am looking to get back out to Vegas but well see if I can do that this year! I think that this year I will only be playing for fun because I have to admit I enjoy the slots! Anyways I would like to get to Atlantic City but I hear that they lost at least six casinos during the 2014 year! Sucks! Alright good luck everyone out there in the gambling world!



1BB May 05, 2015

We only lost four casinos. Still plenty of slots for you to enjoy.

Posted by reserect
Nov 16, 2014

My Trip to Vegas!!

So just and update about my Vegas Trip. I had a great time!! Initially I went to just try my luck at the slots but it turns out that I had fun doing a lot of other things in Vegas. The shows we saw were great, Boyz II Men, One Cirque De Soleil, and V Variety were entertaining. The Madame Tusseuos museum of Wax was nice also. I won 1280.00 at the slots in October here in NY but needed to pay some bills and lost a little so I didn't get to open up the way I wanted in Vegas. I actually only had about 180.00 to play on slots in Vegas which didn't allow me to really "play" the way that I wanted too. I actually won the most on a video black jack game in Vegas which surprised me?! I think that I am going to focus my efforts more on Video poker and Black Jack because I turned a 5.00 bet in 60.00 dollars at the MGM grand casino.

A lot has changed in Vegas since I went in 2002. There have been at least six casinos added to the strip with renovations that are still on the way. I was surprised to see renovations done to Tropicana Casino which looks very nice now. The famous Sahara has transformed into SLS casino now. I kept looking for it and I was like what the hell until I read it online lol! I didn't get a chance to go into the City Center Casinos but Planet Hollywood Casino formerly known as the Aladdin Casino was amazing. The Stratosphere was pretty much the same but I won the most money on slots there and at the MGM Casino. I am here to endorse the Palms and the Stratosphere as the Casinos to go to play slots in Vegas. We stayed in the world famous Flamingo but the slots were absolutely terrible there. If you stay at the Flamingo you better get a GO room because the regular rooms will be an uncomfortable stay!!!! Go to the Casino Royale Best Western for dollar Michelob's and dollar Margaritas lol!! Vegas is expensive!!

No luck in Vegas at the slots but had a good time. One thing I am going to really miss is the amount of themed slots games in Vegas compared to New York. I have never seen such a variety of slots which makes me want to visit again because I didn't get to try half as many games as I would have liked in Vegas. Anways, I can't give any new tips because my focus was scattered for the trip. I will have to go again and be more focused to give a more accurate report on the slots.


RogerKint Nov 17, 2014

No, thanks.

odiousgambit Nov 17, 2014

>I think that I am going to focus my efforts more on Video poker and Black Jack

now you're talking!

tringlomane Nov 17, 2014

Dollar margaritas are back at Casino Royale?!?!?! I thought those were wiped away when the Fat Tuesday was built there...

reserect Nov 18, 2014

Yeah they have the dollar margaritas on certain days. Have dollar Michelobs everyday though! Fat Tuesdays is ridiculous prices by the way.

Romes Nov 19, 2014

It sounded like you meant video poker & video blackjack? I wouldn't play most video blackjack games at bar tops/etc as they're generally pretty horrible rules as well as shuffling every hand.

I'm glad it sounds like you had a great trip! Always the #1 thing to root for, in my opinion =).

Posted by reserect
Sep 24, 2014

Who is the Slot Guru?!

I came across another interesting video from TLC (The Learning Channel). They did a short spot on slot machine players who were successful and made a large amount of money. There is one individual who’s name is Earnest Cobb. He call’s him self the Slot Guru. He stated that he has won over 10.3 million dollars in slots. He attributes his wins mostly to believing in God and good karma. Mr. Cobb says he does do certain things like playing at night, always using max bet, and hitting the denomination buttons in a certain order. Mr. Cobb stated that he gave away about 8 million because he was “paying it forward.” I’m not going to go into a religious discussion regarding gambling because that will open up a can of worms but I do agree that your attitude or energy when you go into a casino will determine sometimes how much you win.

I went on Amazon to view how much his e-book was and I was blown away. His book is 47.77 dollars. Wow! If you are selling these books you have enough money to pay your bills and I’m wondering how much of the money was actually coming from Casino wins. I know he lives in Detroit and I was wondering if those were one of the bad states. (Bad states are states in which you are taxed so heavily that winning is almost like breaking even). I was wondering has anyone read his book. I refuse to pay for that amount of money for any e-book. Here is a short article for anyone that wants to read and I also included the link to the video.


Learn How to Win Millions on TLC


odiousgambit Sep 25, 2014

Guess who is the first to reply!

Well, Reserect, you know what I think of the stuff I call 'way out there' ... I won't repeat myself. Good karma? If that is the same as good luck, then maybe he had that. On the other hand, I only learned a few months ago that there is a way to beat the house edge in slots and that even the Wizard here is on board with the idea. Send me $47.77 and I will explain. j/k. It's about progressives and especially those that "must pay by" a certain point. I am actually the wrong guy to try to give you the ins and outs though.

Michigan *is* one of the bad states, so you have to wonder how smart this guy is. Pretty smart to charge $47 for an e-book? I am willing to bet that would be money down the drain.

link for bad states,

reserect Sep 25, 2014

I have to agree with you for the first time odious gambit lol. Gambling is all about the luck of the draw!

teddys Sep 26, 2014

I've heard of this guy. He plays a lot at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mid-Michigan.

reserect Sep 26, 2014

Really have you seen him winning in action!! I would like to know more!

onenickelmiracle Sep 27, 2014

He is completely full of shit and gambles primarily with book sales and tithes, so I'm told. Karma he says, he shared the secret, so if the people win, they owe him. Saw his video on Youtube, he was playing hundred play dealt quads 6s and he was expecting improvement. Guy just plays a character and hides behind books to get away with it. I would really like to know how he gets the media to bring him on their shows peddling though. Better than miracle spring water no matter what Crap this guy does.

reserect Sep 28, 2014

I'm glad you gave me that information I knew his claim sounded to good to be true. So who's paying you tithes so you can keep gambling?! So far there has not been a tried and true method for slot playing except following your intuition.