Posted by reserect
May 15, 2014

Tips for the Casino Slot Players

I have learned a few things during the last two years going to the Racinos in my area. (These are the casinos that only have slots and no table games) I am sharing these tips with you because I would like others to benefit from my numerous losses at the casino lol. Even though they came at a price, I learned the nature of the new electronic gaming floors and how the casino is controlled by a time schedule for higher payouts and jackpots. People keep saying that there is no schedule and you can win at anytime of the day. This is true, you can win or loose at any time of the day, but to win larger amounts there are times that you should be going to the casino for slots.

First, casinos watch every person very closely to make sure no illegal activity is going on with the individuals playing slots. I am watched very closely when I enter because I frequent the casino two to three times per week. I have been approached several times when I am on a hot streak by the casino techs on the floors. This is a tactic to engage you in conversation to break your concentration. I have learned to utilize focus and intuition plus knowledge of the casino times and certain games to maximize wins. At first, I couldn't understand why I still could not consistently come away with money from the casino from day to day. I would go to the casino win 500 dollars but lose it the next day and then the next day win it again. I was always up and down. I have won five major jackpots 975.00, 975.00, 1600.00, 1200.00, 946.00 in the past two years. In between these jackpots I have won minor winnings which range from 200 to 700 dollars in a day. If you want to consistently win at the casino's I will give the tips that I have developed with my trial and error, observations, and analyzing my experiences at the casino.

1) You need 200.00 to 300.00 dollars per visit if you are going to make any real money on casino slots. The reasons I say this is not because you need to bet the dollar machines because they have a higher payout percentage. It is because you may lose a few times before you find the machine that is loose enough to return your losses. ONLY GIVE A SLOT MACHINE 20 dollars!!!! If you loose or have not won a considerable amount within twenty dollars FIND A NEW MACHINE. This should allow you 200 dollars and 20 dollars on each machine, considering not winning anything on a spin, to play ten different machines during your casino play. Play slow and pay attention to the reels if notice the reels slightly speeding up a larger payout is on the way.

2)You will not win at the casino slots betting minimum even when you are covering all the lines in play. If you don't have large bank roll to utilize mix it up by playing different denominations, while playing different machines on every spin.

3)Use you intuition when walking the casino floor. That is the gut feeling you get when something bad is about to happen, when you fall in love (butterflies), or when you can sense that something is going to happen. This is important because it will lead you to the machines that pay out at a specific time the highest. I don't know how it works but trust me it does. Just walk the floor and focus on your heart/gut area and go to the machine that is pulling you. It may take some practice. Try quiet your thoughts by thinking of a blank movie screen and just feel.

4)Only play the casinos during these set times. From 8:00am to 12:00pm, 5:00pm to 8:00pm, 12:00AM to 2:30AM. I have only won jackpots and large amounts during these times at the casino. The casino floor works in cycles for some reason. Again I do not know why this is the case. These are the patterns for better wins versus lesser wins on the casino slots. You can still will at other times but you will see lesser amounts and usually no jackpots during the times of 12:00pm to 5:00pm 8:00pm to 12:00am and 3:00am to 8:00am. I made and educated guess and assumed that casinos want to entice more people to come so the highest payouts happen less individuals are in the casinos earlier then during after work hours in which many regular people drive straight to the casino to test their luck.

5) Another key is the full moon does have and effect on your win loss record. (I know some people are like this guy is crazy lol, but isn't it even crazier to think that a electronic machine is going to give you tons of money unless its a ATM lol.) Play during and around the days of a full moon. I have played two days before on the full moon and after and noticed a higher percentage of wins during that time of the month. The motions of the earth moon and planets have an effect on random outcomes in games of chance during these times.

6)Do not drink alcohol and try to go by yourself or with one other person. When you go in groups to the casino you tend to be less focused and may end up playing games that you didn't intend to because the group is in a certain area and you want to stick together. You need to be able to roam free to allow movement from one slot to another to minimize losses at a tight slot. Alcohol impedes your judgment and does not allow you to be as sharp and focuses as you need to be. Pay attention to the subtleties on the casino slots.

7)I am not sure about this last tip but I guess I will throw it out there for the dreamers. Try to also play on the odd days of the month. I have noticed that pattern with other players and myself that I win more on the odd days of the week.

8) Try to have fun and don't spend the money unless you can afford to lose it. Pay all your important bills and make sure you have some money saved before you go to the casino. Don't go insane at the casino and spend your whole savings. The Casinos are not going anywhere as long as people continue to spend money. Remember these tips.

9) I won first jackpot at 5:30pm
I won second jackpot at 6:00pm
I won third jackpot at 6:30pm
I won fourth jackpot at 9:30am
I won fifth jackpot at 7:00pm

What do you consider a win? I consider any payout from a machine of 100.00 dollars a good win. If you win this much in a day I suggest you consider leaving the casino. Do not spend all of your money chasing one huge jackpot. Build upon your wins at different slots. If you hit a jackpot LEAVE THE CASINO and purchase something nice or pay off a large bill before you return.

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MidwestAP May 15, 2014

Is today April 1st and I just don't realize it?

reserect May 15, 2014

I know it sounds crazy but no it is not April 1st but I expect comments like that. Do what u wish, honest account though of the last two and a half years or my life though.

1BB May 15, 2014

You had me at full moon. Continued good luck to you.

reserect May 15, 2014

Try it and see what happens gamble near a full moon or on and you will win more.

odiousgambit May 16, 2014

>The motions of the earth moon and planets have an effect on random outcomes in games of chance during these times

I'm really pissed all those other books and seminars I paid good money for never mentioned this key fact!! I want my money back!

reserect May 16, 2014

I am going to continue going to the casino and playing slots. Any new patterns I observe and encounter I'll post them. The casinos change their games around every two to three months with different and newer games so when the regulars have loose machines marked at your favorite casino they try to trip you up. That is another tip I forgot to enter. Mark the loose machines in your casino you regularly visit. They usually remain this way for about two months then you'll see a change in their payouts.

reserect May 16, 2014

The casinos are a psychological battle ground every where you look is made for you to not pay attention and go onto a trance like state. That is why you have to incorporate many different things to win.

1) no windows or clocks-lose track of time

2)bright lights and sounds even when losing-not paying attention to bank roll

3)the reels are spinning BS!-THE RANDOM NUMBER generator inside the machine already determined how much you get when you hit the button

4)Players cards do track your money and sometimes limit the amount you win during a visit ( tried it out several times)

5)Free alcoholic drinks? Why do you think they give these away. Do you u really want a focused gambler in a casino?

6)Popular theme games from peoples adolescence and childhood and pop TV shows don't mean there good games to play!

7)All the colors in the casino are usually electric blue, reds, yellows, no greens why? The color of Green has been proven to increase concentration.

odiousgambit May 16, 2014

I definitely plan to come back here at least once a day for more wisdom. Seriously! Wouldnt miss it for the world. But I am afraid the free advice is going to dry up some day?

odiousgambit May 19, 2014

*sigh* In all seriousness, I was hoping for more, these were great!

Zcore13 May 19, 2014

I really don't want to waste much time with this, but I can only assume you are joking or trying to get a rise out of people. Numbers 1 -7 are completely not correct. You have no clue how a slot machine works or what the Casino does or watches.

Mosca May 21, 2014

My brother in law is MIS at a casino. None of what you've written is true. They set the machines and then leave them alone to do their work. Your tips are no better than random guesses. Understand, I'm glad they've worked out for you, so you say. But your tricks are not effective.

odiousgambit May 23, 2014

check out ... WARNING: music will begin to play [I always hate that]

Why is Mosca hating on the Bro? I wish he would come back and post more.

reserect May 23, 2014

Thank you for the free promotion and I'm not your bro but the posting of the hi.5 account wow!! Anyways it is a blog. I do have a confession I just lost 600.00 at the casino on the last two days. I was up and down but couldn't pull it out. Remember to use your intuition when you have the opportunity on a slot machine that presents free games. On the quick hit I got 25 free games by putting my hand over each icon it I felt the butterflies which led me to the eight icon to push. On the Vicougrau game I chose the eight free games with three wilds. Imagine a ball of light starting in between your eyes and move down your arm into the machine helps in triggering higher payouts and free games. Happy slot playing!

odiousgambit May 24, 2014

Sorry about the "bro" thing but it got you going enough to respond. You somewhat intriguing to me in that your writing indicates an education; you are articulate when it comes to your opinions on gambling; yet this stuff, to me, is "really out there".

reserect May 24, 2014

I am a practical person and am college educated. I'm just am in touch with my five senses plus the six sense. When you learn so much you start to see beyond only what is in front of you. You start see "Through things." Your intuition was given to you to make difficult decisions when enough evidence is not present. I am trying to like any other muscle in the body hone it to near perfection. No offense taken about the comment. People make fun cause they operate inside of a paradigm in which your only able to do what the casinos say is feasible. I'm not really here to convince anyone of anything: free will.........

reserect May 24, 2014

Ok here is another report. I went to the casino today and won 700.00. I used a free play coupon to start of 50.00. I suspect that the machines were either turned up for memorial day weekend plus I played between the times of 5:00 pm and 8:00pm. I used a deep breathing method every time that I pushed the slot machine button. One deep breathe in hold for two to four seconds let it out. As you let it out the breathe, feel the energy leave your body outward. The first few push may not yield results but you to almost have to bring the machine in alignment with your desires. You should see positive results on the six and seventh spin if you stick with it: don't give up.

odiousgambit May 25, 2014

I'll be more serious. I guess we could use personal messages at this point, but I'm thinking 'public' is appropriate.


There is an assumption that an educated person would know that slots are the hardest thing to beat in the casino, the house edge being large, the casino making almost all their money from slots. So, believe me, plenty of members here are suspicious when someone claims to be able to beat them. You saw I searched the Internet; was Reserectcc selling books, seminars, or systems? [g] Apparently not, but in case I'm wrong you should know this site is a terrible choice for someone with those ideas; very poor prospects here. People generally come here for mathematical answers to questions they have about gambling and hear an absolute drumbeat dismissing systems or methods that suggest games with an edge can be beaten.

As I say, I have no reason to think such things in your case because nothing was on the Internet, you seem to be revealing all you know, and there are no hints that other secrets would be revealed for a price now after a considerable period of time has gone by. I have to ask, though: you do know that this site is not a place where these kinds of ideas would be well received?

odiousgambit May 25, 2014

PS: glad to hear you won again.

reserect May 25, 2014

I thought about this site not being appropriate for the "rhetoric" that I am divulging. I am not really trying to scam anyone into believing me that's why I give this information for free. Since when did opinions become banned at a site where one blog choses to explore alternative means of succeeding in games of chance? I don't want it to be well received. I don't expect it to be. But for people that have hit a brick wall at least try and look through the peep hole. I guess the better question is should I charge or is this all to "out there.". I most likely will probably create a website with regular updates instead of this blog. Your scaring me with all the researching are you government? Lol. PS thanks for the congratulations on the win. By the way since you know who I am can I get some info on who you are?

reserect May 25, 2014

Please research everyone the famous Debbie Tosun Kilday. She is from the Connecticut area. Read her book No Limits: How I beat the Slots. I read her book and they told her that the slots could not be beaten. Wrong. She saw the programming in the machines and understood how they worked to maximize her wins. That was a different Era. Now that slot machines are electronic they have virtual reels which makes it almost (wink wink) impossible to win consistently at slots!

pokerface Jul 26, 2014

Best gambling tips ever read! particularly 4) only play during these set times; 5) full moon; 7) odd days of the month.

I am going to write them done right now and follow them every time I visit a casino (only on odd days around full moon, of course).