Posted by Mosca
Sep 15, 2014

Atlantis Day 1

Woohoo. First day, long day that started at 4AM. We met up with our daughter and her boyfriend (Mary Jeanne and Felipe) who joined us from Santiago, Chile. They got some players cards, we ate dinner, and then after dinner:

1) I played a 25 cent Wheel of Fortune with some of my free play and won $101.50, cashed out
2) I put $100 in a Giant's Gold slot (Fee Fi Fo Fum!)and on my very first spin hit 32 golden eggs for $304, shrugged and cashed out,
3) Went to the UTH table and my very first hand drew a pair of Kings, and the flop had the 3rd, and the turn/river had the 4th: first hand, 4 Kings, $460.

I lost some back at UTH, but cashed out $668 ahead for the evening. Which is good because food is expensive as hell here.


100xOdds Sep 18, 2014


don't they make you buy a dinner package of $200/day at Atlantis? (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

tringlomane Sep 20, 2014

"Fee Fi Fo Fum!" Cheesiest bonus song ever! LOL Great hit!

And quad Kings on the 1st hand of UTH? Nice!

Posted by Mosca
Oct 25, 2013

Leaving Las Vegas

Sounds like a good name for a movie.

I'm showered, Mrs is in the shower. Here is a capsule of our trip:

You are playing Ultimate Texas Hold 'em, because you like the game and it is rare on the east coast. You pick up A-A, and your eyes pop (Because, no need for a poker face), and you raise 4x. The flop comes 6-6-Q-5-5, and you're feeling pretty good. And the dealer turns 6-6.

Now, imagine that started on Sunday afternoon, and continued through midnight Thursday. I had one winning session, Thursday afternoon. All the rest were losses of between 300 and 700.

Still, we had a good time, ate some good meals, saw some good shows. Jersey Boys was fantastic. More later.


odiousgambit Oct 25, 2013

just to improve the story, the flop could be 6-6-A-5-5, then dealer turns 6-6 [j/k]

Mosca Oct 25, 2013

She had said, "Everybody play, its going to be a push!" The next hand, flop came 10-10-A. So I said, "Deal two more 10s, that way we KNOW it will push." She didn't, I don't remember what happened that hand.

ClarkWGriswold Oct 25, 2013

Most dealers are completely ignorant about how to play poker (hell most PEOPLE for that matter)

Don't take it personally; UTH just has huge variance.

Glad to hear you had a good time in Vegas.

teddys Oct 26, 2013

Ouch - a four-outer

Mosca Oct 26, 2013

Teddy. How about a board of 8-10-Q-x-x, I went 4x on Q-8. I looked at her and said, "You have J-9, don't you." And you know what happened next.

It's gambling. We had a great time in Vegas. But the gambling was very frustrating.

Posted by Mosca
Sep 27, 2013

Our Vegas plans

This will be fun, I think. It's an incentive trip I hit through work. For the record, I hit it last year too, but because we'd already gone to Atlantis the trip went to someone else. Office politics. I'd have liked to have gone, but in the long run I have no complaints, the other guy & his wife going was best for the company. We get along ok, and it needs to stay that way.

Staying at The Wynn, which I hear is an ok place. The first two nights are event nights, with dinners and awards. The next night we're dining at SW Steakhouse and seeing Le Reve, and the next night we're going to see Jersey Boys. We'll have some free afternoons, and the last full day we got no plans, but Mrs kind of wants to see Donny and Marie. I'd do that, but not with gusto.

Any ideas, I'll take them. How about Mac King? I've read mixed reviews, that the show is good, that the show is stale. I'd see Penn & Teller, but she doesn't like them.


EvenBob Sep 29, 2013

Donny and Marie? Here's what you do to save your sanity.

Excuse yourself in the first 10min to use the restroom and

don't go back. Tell the Mrs you got lost, she won't miss you

anyway. It's Donny and Marie..

Mosca Sep 29, 2013

Agreed, Bob. One thing making me consider it is that even though it's D&M, they are professional entertainers and put on a good show. My concern is more, "What other things are there that would be a better use of the time?" And I'm sure that any Cirque show would be better.

Posted by Mosca
Apr 14, 2013

Impression of Revel Saturday night...

It is like being dropped into an episode of Jersey Shore.

Down about $700, nothing but losers no matter where I sat, and my ears are still ringing from the beat. Some people decided that 4AM wasn't time to shut down, so they had a party in the hall outside our door.

I think we are to old for this resort. It is actually pretty nice, physically. But the gaming isn't enough to attract us to all the things that don't fit.


EvenBob Apr 14, 2013

I'd like to see them party outside my door. I'll join them

and I guarantee they'll be gone in 2 min. You'd be surprised

how fast an old grumpy guy can dampen a mood..

Mosca Apr 14, 2013

I was in that half sleep, awake enough to know they were out there but not enough to actually get out of bed. I'm not shy about that stuff, either.

Today was better, won it all back and a little bit more, some at Revel in the morning but most at Borgata in the afternoon. All our meals and the room were comped, we won enough to cover gas and tolls. Mrs had a good time, I had a good time. It was a good getaway.

tringlomane Apr 16, 2013

Saturday night is too much of a mess sometimes. I sometimes even feel out of place at the casino on weekend nights, and I'm only 33. And as for the party in the hall, I'm calling to complain about it. Bob's route probably works as well...haha

Posted by Mosca
Feb 07, 2013

Finally won, and good timing too!

I have cut back on local play. (Local for me are Mohegan Pocono, Sands Bethlehem, and Mt Airy.) Basically I was on a two year losing streak. Not EVERY session was a loser, but there were enough of them. But we get coupons. The most recent was $50 free slot play and $50 to The Rustic Kitchen, at Mohegan, so we went up today.

$50 in free play went to the $5 Wheel of Fortune. That's where ALL free play goes, ALWAYS. First spin: 7-7-7, mixed: $250! Last spin of the free play: 3 mixed bars. Total won from free play, $275. This is good, because Mrs Mosca likes penny slots, and I don't really, so now I can play them without feeling like I'm going backwards. (Aside: I understand that it's already my money. I'm talking about how it FEELS, not what it actually is.) However, the luck continued... Mr Cashman, $20 in, $100 out. Cashman Tonight, $100 in, $150 out. Sabertooth, $20 in, $150 out. Lost on Kiluea, lost on PowerStrikes, total lost about $100...

Sat over at the 3 Card table, because Mrs can follow the game; Blackjack moves a little too fast. She doesn't play, she watches. Betting dimes, I hit some nice hands, including 8-8-8, and after 15 hands up $400.

I missed some play somewhere. I gave Mrs Mosca $60. I tipped the dealer. I left a $10 tip at Rustic Kitchen. Net take home, after tips, $835.

The good timing? We're going to Borgata in a couple weeks, and this covers the money I was going to give her and our dinner reservations at Old Homestead Steakhouse!

It was nice. Gambling is OK, but WINNING is the tits.


Mission146 Feb 07, 2013

Nice work, Mosca!

Buzzard Feb 07, 2013

Fast Eddie Felson: "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

AcesAndEights Feb 07, 2013

Nice hits.