Posted by joecranston
Mar 09, 2014

My Vegas experience

This will be a blog about the most important things to consider when travelling to Vegas. First off is the flight. With the huge variety of booking pages you should have no trouble to find a good flight in your price range. Hotels are a bit more problematic. I found (link removed; blogs are not an advertising opportunity - BBB) to be a very good website with pretty cheap hotel rooms. You might also directly book over the website of the hotel itself, but that might be a bit more expensive. The hotel is a very important part of your stay, as you will spend quite some time there.

In the next part I am going to talk about restaurants, bars and clubs.


Beethoven9th Mar 09, 2014

Ah, disguised spam. lol! :D

djatc Mar 09, 2014

Flights - Crawl in the luggage compartment on the plane. You don't have to pay for flight.

Restaurants - Get a comp at the buffet by playing $5 BJ then don't leave a tip.

Bars - Play 25c blackjack at the bar till you get your drink then don't leave a tip.

Clubs - Sneak in the back dressed like a bartender/chef/busboy then change into your club clothes. Or be a hot woman. Don't leave a tip for anyone.

Rooms - Sleep under the bridge. Lots of people do it and they are pretty safe.

rdw4potus Mar 10, 2014

How does work? Is it really a non-profit? Don't most casino-related hotel companies guarantee the lowest rate on their own website? I know Caesars Entertainment does. So having those hotels included in the list here is sort of odd.

I do like having both the star rating and the review rating listed for each hotel. That'd be handy for finding a non-awful budget hotel, or the "best" premium property.

RogerKint Mar 11, 2014

Blog posts should not be allowed as a members' first contribution to the site. It is almost always spam or a question, which should be asked in the forum instead.

rdw4potus Mar 12, 2014

I agree that blogs shouldn't be allowed as a member's first post. But, in this case, JoeCranston has been a member since October 2013 and did make 7 other posts before creating this entry.

odiousgambit Mar 16, 2014

>JoeCranston has been a member since October 2013 and did make 7 other posts before creating this entry.

It makes me want to think that some spammer used his password. It's just odd.

A lot of trouble to go to to spam.

Joe has not been back to defend himself.

Regarding "no blogging as a first post", the Wizard has indicated to me he is working on that.