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September 7th, 2017 at 9:52:12 AM permalink
Quote: monet0412

I guess it is that I wouldn't of heard about this police problem if I hadn't read it on this forum so I do not think it will hurt Vegas one bit and I don't think anyone cares.

CNN had a whole segment on the story this morning, but I agree it's not going to hurt vegas unless tourist shakedowns became some kind of regular thing.

Quote: RS

I'm not saying it was right for that to happen, because it's not.....but why does race always get brought up in this stuff? It's stupid. The letter MB wrote (I'm assuming it was him) mentions Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. :shake my head emoji:

I wish people wouldn't bring up Michael Brown when making a statement against police brutality. The guy robbed a convenience store before running into the cop who he assaulted. I absolutely give the cop the benefit of the doubt in that situation. There's PLENTY of more egregious cases of police brutality to reference.

That said, the race issue is unavoidable. Like DarkOz said, black people are targeted more often by police. I've never been pulled over in my life, but I have black friends who I've never known to invoke the race card for anything say that's it's almost a weekly occurrence for them, and for no apparent reason. That's not to say all these cops waking up and saying "Gon get me a black boy today!", but the bias is definitely there. Part of solution needs to come from within the black community, since the amount of crime committed by black males is disproportionately high, but that is still not an excuse for the criminal justice system to hold someone's race against them.
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September 7th, 2017 at 10:03:00 AM permalink
Quote: ahiromu

From the POV of the police, this is at worst a misunderstanding.

Except for the part about having a gun to his head and being threatened with having his head blown off. There is no misunderstanding that one.
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September 7th, 2017 at 10:06:24 AM permalink
Quote: MrV


Upon what facts / evidence do you base this damning conclusion?

The trend on this fourm is people can post whatever nonsense they want and when questioned they say it is up to the person who questions the statement to prove it.
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September 7th, 2017 at 11:33:26 AM permalink
Quote: Mosca

Except for the part about having a gun to his head and being threatened with having his head blown off. There is no misunderstanding that one.

For an individual acting suspiciously at an active shooter site? Specifically, an individual that could most likely overpower a policeman. Still fits under misunderstanding in my book. That said, we still don't know exactly what happened, I wonder when camera footage will pop up.

Bennett has gotten kicked out of camp for fighting on multiple occasions. He's a guy with a history of a bad attitude, excuse me for not immediately taking him at his word when it involves a story that reinforces a narrative he's been pushing.
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September 7th, 2017 at 11:50:33 AM permalink
Neither side of this story is from a credible source, who knows.
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September 7th, 2017 at 12:48:43 PM permalink
Cop, he be power trippin', yo.
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Quote: Romes

I agree with the extra added names, but in the same token how on earth is race NOT related to this? I'm a betting man... I'd be willing to bet that there was a white male and/or a white female that was 'somewhat near' him when they all started running away from the gunshot (said in the article him and others were fleeing). Why do you think they stopped him? Why do you think they ASSumed he did something wrong and the white girl running in front of him did not? The assumption that he is more guilty other than the white girl in front of him is based solely on the color of his skin and racial stereotypes. That's racism, and it's alive and well in the US today.

I love how cop stories like this are always "well these are just the few bad apples!" BS... I think there are only a "few good apples" in the whole mix. I'm a WHITE MALE and in my years of being alive in the US I'd give it about a 90% ratio of any cops I've dealt with being complete aholes and power hungry douches. I can't even imagine what black people must go through on a daily basis with the cops.

Watch the video I posted (at least I think I posted it? Look on YouTube for "Michael Bennett Las Vegas body cam" or something). When the cops went outside, NO ONE WAS RUNNING. People were just walking and standing around.

You also see the cop pointing off into the distance and going after that person (can't see whom specifically in video). Then they end up on the other side of the railing and it drops down to street level. Most likely scenario with what's given is Bennett was running through the crowd and jumped over the railing. Least likely scenario is the cop saw Bennet on the other side of the railing just standing there, pointing him out, then running after him....since he wouldn't have been able to see him down there and iI doubt they'd have tackled Bennett had he just been standing there.
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Quote: monet0412

I'm not on the side of the police. I stay away from them and they don't bother me. I don't get into politics too much. I was on a Greyhound Bus a year or so ago and seen the Police throw off a black man and a white woman who were not together. They both got on the Bus late at night and it was pretty cold outside but it was against the drivers rules so he called the police and had them dealt with. The black guy just left the bus and had that seen this before look on his face and caused no trouble. The white lady refused to leave the bus and had a meltdown. The policeman who threw her off was older and big. He ended up beating her slightly and kneed her in the back while some younger white female cop who was scrawny handcuffed her. I wanted to rise up but I stayed quiet as a church mouse like the rest of the passengers.

So after the commotion the driver got back on and made some smart ----- remark and the whole bus got up laughing and cheering while I was in shock and upset with myself for not doing anything. I felt that all of us should of stood up for these two and just let them on the bus. No reason for the cops to even get involved. I was pretty sick that all the fellow passengers were on the side of the driver and the police.

When I got home a few months later from my nervous break down or mid life crisis or whatever it was (Personally I think it was some side effect from not eating Special Brownies and Banana Bread constantly for a few years anymore) ... I bought more guns and ammo.

What is my point of all this rant or story? I guess it is that I wouldn't of heard about this police problem if I hadn't read it on this forum so I do not think it will hurt Vegas one bit and I don't think anyone cares. I am guessing that most people would get up and cheer for the police just like on that bus. We as a people gave the Police and Government all the control they have now and they are just going to keep getting stronger.

On the mark, as often. One of the biggest factors in our becoming a police state is most people are on board with it.

I had a similar experience flying into Vegas. This older woman who was more or less a Hillbilly (she asked me why the mountains looked so small) lit up a cig for about 5 seconds. She was sitting behind me but I didn't notice.

This nasty machinery clicked on and the stewardess came over and told her she might be arrested. It would be up to the pilot, she said, which is convenient because the pilot would never have to look her in the eye. Everyone was just following orders.

The passengers overwhelmingly were on the side of law and order. A poor old lady flying to what might be the first big vacation of her life should be tossed in jail for a few seconds of stupidity/ignorance that harmed nobody.

A woman (black) hollered from several rows back, "that lady BETTER be going to jail!"

It's all over. That's just how Americans are now.

I'm pretty skeptical of Bennett in this case. Maybe it happened as he said. But people of all viewpoints have a way of cooking up stories that verify their existing beliefs.

Reminds me of a guy on another board who was talking about transgender bathroom stuff. Supposedly, his wife had been attacked at random by a tranny in a bathroom stall and, hearing her screams, he heroically bursted in and beat the attacker up, then the police showed up and let him go, praising his courage. It never made the news though because, um, well, you know.

That was a more outlandish case, but people do this all the time.
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September 7th, 2017 at 4:04:04 PM permalink
The fact that Bennett hasn't stood for the anthem this year also leaves me skeptical.
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i think the fact that so many videos are out there showing unnecessary force by police that a great many in law enforcement are keenly aware of this and have moderated their behavior.

so, my point is can you imagine how much police misconduct was out there before the explosion of video technology. in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and earlier.

in May, chicago opened a building it calls the "Torture Justice Center" in an attempt to provide mental health and case management to victims of police toruture

on a personal note, (i'm white) i was a wiseass substance abuser in my 20s and i was needlessly manhandled by the washington dc police for no good reason in the 70s. all i did was mouth off. i was put in a choke hold and lost consciousness for a few seconds. then handcuffs were put on me so tight that it caused scarring on my wrists.

maybe 20 years ago a white u. of maryland student was beaten really badly by prince georges county police and there was a video of it. all he was doing was dancing and celebrating after maryland won a big basketball game. i think the sick cop who did it was jealous of this handsome college boy who he guessed had a bright future as a professional. the student sued and received a huge settlement.


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