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Quote: Ayecarumba

Who barred her? Was it a manager or a security guard? Did they perform any tests to verify that she was too intoxicated?

Security Guard wouldn't let her in.

They asked for her ID to verify she was 21, and she showed them her credit card. That was the test :). She hates when I tell people that story. The whole story is pretty funny though. She started crying. It was at the President in St. Louis. If anyone knows that area, it was not good that they just sent her walking around the river.

She was at a bar in the area, and thought I was at the President. So she went looking for me. I was at the bar looking for her. Good times...
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If you are too drunk to tip, out you go. LOL
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Seems pretty self-regulating.

If a player is too hammered to put money into a slot, or to handle chips at a table: that's it.

Otherwise, then play on ...
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Quote: MrV

If a player is too hammered to put money into a slot, or to handle chips at a table: that's it.

Otherwise, then play on ...

I personally witnessed a player at a BJ table at IP so drunk he was nodding off and barely able to play. He was a blackchip player with about 6K in black and green in front of him, barely able to slide chips into the circle. He was heads-up, and winning, and a crowd had gathered to watch this drunken guy, along with a couple pitbosses hovering closely. We were all wondering "He's winning, but damn he's drunk! How long will IP let this continue?". Dealer kept giving quizzicle glances to boss as if asking, "should I keep dealing?". I watched 10 minutes, and floor never put a stop to it, but actually helped the guy slide chips back and forth. I left disgusted.
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Quote: FinsRule

She hates when I tell people that story.

Therefore, Posting on the Internet is the right thing to do.
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Quote: zippyboy

I watched 10 minutes, and floor never put a stop to it, but actually helped the guy slide chips back and forth. I left disgusted.

Over the years I've seen dozens of examples of this.
And Dan wonders why we call the casino the DarkSide.
They'll take money form anybody in any kind of condition.
But Dan wants us to treat the casino differently than
they treat us. Whatever, Dan.
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"There is a legal definition for being drunk as far as driving is concerned. It may vary by state, but it's a blood alcohol level of X (ofte .09 or so if memory serves), which can be accurately measured by a breathalyzer test. At that point you're too drunk to drive, and if you do so you can be detained."

You are close to it. The legal BAC in most states is.08. These test rarely get it wrong, it doesn't matter if you weigh 100 or 300 pounds, alcohol goes straight to the blood stream without beign broke down. As far as not driving, you have to be carefull, alot of states have public intoxication laws, which make it illegal to be ANYWHERE. YES, that part is true. I have seen people get arrested for being in thier own yard and drunk. Of course, you catch the wrong cop on the wrong day anything can happen.

As far as casino responsibility or a bartender in a normal bar....if such said drunk person were to get in an accident, the bartender and other staff can be held liable in court. There are many cases out there where the person the drunk hurt have come after casinos and bars. I know of a dealer who had to go to court over this exact situation. They come after the Gaming license and Liquor license of the casino or bar.
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In Iowa, they seems to be very strict at letting people in when they are intoxicated. I was at a wedding reception at Harrah's, went to gamble some, went back to the wedding reception to grab my girlfriend, and was denied entrance back into the Casino. I had probably only had 3 or 4 beers. The security guard asked me if I had consumed any alcoholic beverages. I told him I have had 3 or 4 beers within the last couple of hours, and he told me Iowa law permits anyone who shows signs of intoxication from entering the casino floor.

What this tells me is that if you get drunk while gambling, you are in the clear as far as Iowa law is concerned. However, if you try to enter the casino after you have been drinking, it may be a different story...
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First time in LV staying at the Golden Nug playing Craps (back when they still had the good GN odds). Started at 1AM. By 4 I have a decent stack of black chips. Good tipping means beers a plenty. Around that time I actually fall over. Beers keep coming. Stack getting smaller. Cell phone rings future wife's asks where I am it's 8am.

Only time I got cut off was about 6 years ago at the El Cortez. Was only on my third beer but hadn't slept in 22 hours.
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If you want to gamble drunk and or dance on the gaming tables, then Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas is the place for you.

Remember the curious case of Terrance Watanabe verses Caesars and it's incompetant surveillance staff? The story is that Mr. Watanabe supposedly lost around 200 million, often drunk to the point that he was laying on the table, all the while, surveillance and management chose to look the other way. Supposedly they even helped him fill his hydrocodone scripts as well, or so goes the story.

Apparently, Steven Wynn recognized that Mr. Watanabe had a serious problem with drinking and gambling, and cut him off after he lost a couple of million. However, Caesars welcomed him with open arms. It's truly a disgusting story. I'll see if I can post the transcripts from the hearing on here if anyone would like read them.

Here's some info from Wiki regarding Terrance Watanabe:

HistoryThe company was founded as a gift shop in 1932 in Omaha, Nebraska, by Harry Watanabe. The company expanded to 17 shops in the Midwest. During World War II, with restrictions against imports from Japan, the company shrank back to its Omaha base. Watanabe then bought a ceramic shop which made Kewpie dolls and other ceramic items.[2] Please note: This link results in an "Access Denied" page.

In 1954 it resumed its imports from Japan and was a major carnival supplier. In 1956 it launched its first catalog.

In 1977 Watanabe's son Terry Watanabe became president and its focus shifted from carnivals to supplying party goods for churches, schools, retailers, and individuals.

In 2000, Watanabe sold his entire stake in the company to Los Angeles-based private equity firm Brentwood Associates, and resigned as CEO and President. [3] Watanabe is alleged to have had alcohol and gambling problems resulting in losing US$204 million to the Rio and Caesars Palace casinos in Las Vegas in 2007. [4] Harrah's, which owns the two casinos, derived 5.6% of its revenues that year from Watanabe. He has paid $112 million but refused to pay the rest prompting Harrah's to file criminal charges against Watanabe. [5] On July 8, 2010, a global settlement was reached between Harrah's Entertainment and Watanabe resulting in a dismissal of both the civil and criminal cases.[6]

In 2002 Brentwood Associates entered into an agreement to expand the company.

In 2006 Carlyle Group bought 68 percent interest in the company with Brentwood owning a reported 25 percent.[1]

On August 24, 2010, Oriental Trading Company via OTC Holdings Corp. in case 10-12636 declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware saying in its filing papers that it had $463 million in assets at April 3, 2010 and $756.6 million in liabililities with net sales of $485.4 million. It reported it was sending out 300 million catalogs a year and generates half its sales online.[7]" cont'd at

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