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There was a twilight zone episode about this. Guy bet he couldnít talk for like 6 months.

I wonít spoil the ending.
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Quote: michael99000

Wonder what the effect on your eyes would be. No exposure to light for that long , and is it safe to emerge into full light when itís over.

Also sleep/wake cycle gets screwed up.

I think you'd have to wear protective glasses for a while to get your eyesight back in shape. I think about those guys who were trapped in the cave, or the Chilean coal mine.

As for the sleep cycle, I think studies have been done that people will sleep longer if they aren't exposed to light. They will also get depressed and lethargic when they are awake. Consider life near the North Pole. Those guys don't see the sun for months. Time to hibernate.
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Quote: Ayecarumba

Consider life near the North Pole. Those guys don't see the sun for months. Time to hibernate.

I think the South Pole is a better example, where there are a lot more research stations.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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I feel like it's a bad bet, because a bathroom is not a safe place. You think you have everything you need but you don't. Taking a shower can be a death sentence if you slip, food could be bad and you won't know. All that hard tile, I'd rather have a bed and poop in a bucket, sponge bath.

Plus, do they tell him when time is up, or is he supposed to just know it has been thirty days.it sounds easy enough to just wait no matter what, but I think after a while you'll go crazy, you might even forget why you're in the bathroom and open the door without thinking. I'd rather be locked in and not be allowed out. I'd go for it maybe if it was just a challenge but I wouldn't put my money on me staying in there.

Probably the third time I'd say it, but bad bet. The guy will probably just piss away the money even if he wins. I'd guess gambling motivates him to take an easy way out, so it seems. Plus my luck there would be a death in the family, someone sick I couldn't see one last time. This kind of experience can damage you emotionally for life.
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Horrible bet. Taking some random person off the street, they might only have a 10% chance to survive 30 days locked in a bathroom for $100k. But anyone who is willing to put up $100k of their own money isn't someone random off the street. Like maybe only 1 out of 10 people can eat 100 chicken nuggets, but if someone is willing to risk money on it, the odds are a lot less than 10 to 1 that they can do it.

I think I could do it, but would want preparation. Spend at least a full week leading up to it loaded up on coffee and adderall. Then when I did get into the bathroom I could just sleep for days. Spend at least a full month leading up to it starving myself and insist the food offered included a lot of low calorie veggies. Then I could spend any time I wasn't sleeping entertained by eating (along with the associated side effects of eating 10-pounds of veggies everyday).
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Quote: FinsRule

There was a twilight zone episode about this. Guy bet he couldnít talk for like 6 months.

I wonít spoil the ending.

Yeah, the TZ episode was inspired by a short story called "The Bet" which had a more profound ending. In that version the bet was several years long. The young man who wanted money was placed in a small, unlocked room (if he left he lost) and was allowed no human contact. It was a monastic prisoner's set up. Food was delivered via a slot at the base of the door. He had heat and light, a bed, a chair and a table. The only pleasure he was allowed was reading so he was provided pen and paper to ask for the books he wanted via the door slot.

At first he asked for frivolous titles. Then he asked for greater literature. As the months turned to years he moved on to history, the sciences et cetra and finally religion and the works of the great philosophers.

Meanwhile, the finances of the rich man who bet against him had taken a turn for the worse. Paying off the bet would ruin him. So it was with heavy heart and despair that he went to open cell door on the morning that the bet was concluded...

The rich man found the door open and the cell empty. The poor man had left during the night, mere hours before he was to collect his winnings! On the table was a note thanking the rich man for a fulfilling education but as he now found the pursuit of money to be a petty and unworthy goal he was forfeiting the wager.
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He bought out the bet after 20 days. He realized that he was going to lose 100K since the player already spent 20 days., so they settled. The guy in the bathroom went in cold. No prep or training. Flew back from a poker tournament in the Bahamas and essentially began his confinement.

I've seen coin flip between Andy Beal and another poker player for a rack of $20 chips or 2 dimes at a 80-160 hold'em game at the Bellagio. They used a penny of all coins which went off the table and rolled underneath the table. Another $2k bet if some guy would cut his lip ring off with a pair of pliers. They called maintenance to bring up a pair of cutters. And he cut it.
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I could absolutely do this no problem.

Give me a laptop and internet and I can do 3 months.
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I'd never want to go in a bathroom again.
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Quote: AxelWolf

I could absolutely do this no problem.

Give me a laptop and internet and I can do 3 months.

You can have a laptop and internet for this bet, no problem.

Unfortunately you wouldn't be allowed to have light nor electricity, so the laptop and internet are probably useless.

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