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Many of us have participated in gambling forums for decades now, and have seen posters and gambling forums come and go.

Some posters stand out: you still remember them.

Me, I'd vote for a guy who called himself "Mason," from an old forum alt.rec.las vegas, or maybe it was alt.rec.craps, I can't recall.

While he avoided being cruel he would quickly sniff out then stamp out weak arguments, figuratively crowning his opponent with a dunce cap.

I recall clearly how he repeatedly and brilliantly skewered a current unnamed member of this forum, basically burying him repeatedly; best of all he wasn't long-winded, and seemed to use words as a weapon.

So the question, if you care to answer: over the years who do you think is the greatest gambling forums poster of all time?

Note: I am speaking about quality, not quantity, although the two need not be mutually exclusive.
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In my time here, I'd say Axel. There have been a few short-time members who I found great but that didn't stick around. As Elliot Jacobson's books got me into blackjack, I'd give him strong consideration but Axels contributions are more current.
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paigowdan, a.k.a. Dan Lubin; no one else comes close. No one else decided that posting on this forum was worth sacrificing his dream job over.
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Quote: MrV

Me, I'd vote for a guy who called himself "Mason," from an old forum alt.rec.las vegas, or maybe it was alt.rec.craps, I can't recall.

I know about rec.gambling.craps, and before that, just rec.gambling. (Apparently, rec.gambling is where saying "Presto" when you turn over pocket fives started.)
According to Google Groups, these Las Vegas-specific groups existed:
alt.vacation.las-vegas - I actually called up a post I made there in 2007 that dealt with an argument two others were having about the Kentucky Derby Mutuel Field; one thought that it still existed (the last time it did was in 2000), while the other confused "mutuel field" with "multiple-horse entry."
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Quote: mcallister3200

link to original post

Wow Kentry/Nathan gets a vote even if itís a joke and I canít even get a joke vote 😂
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Other than the Wizard himself, I'd say Mission.
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Mickey Crimm
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It's a toss up between Tuttigym and EvenBob
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Iím split between EB and Axel. They can both get a response yet Axels penmanship is legendary.
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