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I urge people to watch "In the Loop" (on Netflix) about British/American politics and the Iraq War whichbegan on 20 March 2003. One of the wittiest comedies I have seen in a long time.

The dialog is dense so you have to pay closer attention than your normal TV series. This setup gives you an example. Malcolm is reviewing a tape of an interview given by SIMON the night before, and talking mostly to himself.

MALCOLM is the vulgar government director of communications

SIMON is the somewhat hapless newly elected minister, partly inspired by Hilary Benn the man who actually held that post from 2003 to 2007. Hilary Benn is the son of one of the most popular politicians in the UK.

EDDIE is the radio jock
Quote: Dialog for "In the Loop"

EDDIE MAIR (ON RADIO) Well, I'm joined by Simon Foster, the Minister for International development. Thank you for joining us.
MALCOLM Here we go.
EDDIE MAIR (ON RADIO)You've been in the job now for eighteen months, do you think you're making headway?
SIMON (ON RADIO) Ah. Yes I do. You'd expect me to say that I suppose. ... ... preventable sickness in many of the poorest countries round the world....and Of course the big one is diarrhoea, which is a major, major issue....
MALCOLM Diarrhoea? I mean, this is the minister for International Development. He should be talking about food parcels, not f@cking arse-spraying mayhem.
SIMON (ON RADIO) And so if we can tackle the easy things, like diarrhoea, then we can.....
MALCOLM Oh yes, say it again. Very good. What is this, The Shitting Forecast?
SIMON (ON RADIO)...and then hopefully that will strike another blow in the war against preventable diseases.
EDDIE MAIR (ON RADIO) You mentioned the word "war"
MALCOLM is paying extremely close attention now.
MALCOLM Steady Eddie...
SIMON (ON RADIO) Against preventable diseases, yes....
EDDIE MAIR (ON RADIO) Yes. All the evidence now points to a US military intervention in the Middle East. Is that your view?
SIMON (ON RADIO) Well....personally, I think that war is unforseeable.
EDDIE MAIR (ON RADIO) Unforseeable?
MALCOLM: NO YOU DO NOT THINK THAT! Sam! I'm going to have to go over to International Development, and pull Simon Foster's f@cking hair.

The actor that plays Malcolm is the choice for the new Dr Who in 2014. The creative team have moved to HBO and are now producing VEEP.

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In the Loop is also a spin-off/movie special/whatever you want to call it of The Thick of It, so you may wish to look for that, if you're unfamiliar with it.

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