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Quote: DeMango

So we have a winner at Planet Ho. A woman playing pennies at "The Wizard of Oz" machine hits progressive for $2.9 million. Her name? Dorothy of course!

OK, here is one of funniest things I remember ever seeing in Las Vegas, not counting regular Comedy shows.

The Wolf Man of Ellis Island

Well, it turns out he was actually from Michigan, and he was semi-quietly playing BJ at Ellis Island. It was a kind of unusual table for EI, where 3 good natured but unrelated couples were playing BJ, and doing fairly well. So the Wolfman had had a drink or 2 or 3, and he sortof looked at his wife and said something like "I'm going to do it", I guess to celebrate the table's success.

Mrs Wolfman did her best to try and persuade him NOT to do it, whatever it was. But he wasn't going to stop. So he does this unbelievably realistic and nearly blood curdling gutteral wolf howl at about 100 decibels a couple of times over the next 10 minutes.

I had had a drink or two and this was absolutely hilarious to me. (OK, oddly enough alcohol was involved). First of all was the wolf howl itself, and secondly was the fact that it was loud enough for everyone to turn and look, but being Ellis Island, everyone went right back to whatever they were doing a moment later.

Maybe you had to be there, but I haven't seen anything nearly this funny before or after.
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Quote: aahigh

Is she smuggling watermelons in her pants?
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I had a couple good moments during my trip to town in October:

In the east parking garage at the Gold Coast (maybe there's only one?) there are metal speed bumps. I'm not sure how many of us have had the experience of hearing a 9mm handgun fired in a parking structure, but I have. The speed bumps sound EXACTLY like gun fire. The first time I experienced them, I flinched. The second time I heard them, a giant body builder dude walking 20 yards from me shrieked "Oh, Sweet JEEEESUS!" and dove for cover behind a VW Bug. That was pretty funny to me, and definitely surreal.

Then, the next night, I watched something classic on the strip. I was walking southbound on the east side of the strip, going from the Venetian to Paris. About 10 paces in front of me was a group of 4 very drunk college guys. They were obnoxious as hell. Coming at us walking north down the street was a woman who was very obviously seeking attention. Her skirt was about 4 inches long, and her top might have involved less fabric thant he skirt did. One of the drunkards went for the whole "I'm watching you as you walk by. Oh, yeah, I think you're hot. you can tell that because I'm walking backwards and still staring" thing. When he turned back around, he faceplanted into the stoplight in front of the McDonalds by Casino Royale.
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The mental movie I was able to run based on your description caused an audible chuckle to escape my body. That would have been a good one to have captured on video. A viral youtube no doubt.

The funniest moment I recall right now happened a couple of years ago at the Rio. I had been playing craps for a couple of days, and was well known to the dealers. We got to talking about the girls 'working' the casino. A few minutes later the dealer gets my attention and points out a 'transaction' taking place. Good looking girl from where I was standing. The dealer laughed and then told me 'she' was a guy, and wanted to bet as to how long before the customer figured it out. It was pretty funny.
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IP Las Vegas

while waiting for me to come down from our room, wifey went for a drink at the back bar. She then decided to play a few slots, right by the Men's bathroom.

She was approached several times by men asking her for a date.

I came down and she asked me what was up?

Little miss goodie two shoes from Newbury Park California.

I was rolling on the floor. :)
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I was at Bally's 1 morning playing video poker at the bar early. Not too many people around yet. A few seats down from me was a white male for sure over 60 and next to him was a black female probably no more than 25. You get the idea. I could here every word they were saying to each other but the funniest of them all was when the old guy looked at her and said " you realize this is going to be the worst fuck you've ever had don't u". I just about fell out of my chair.
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Quote: thlf

" you realize this is going to be the worst fuck you've ever had don't u".

Probably the first time a John had been honest with her.
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Quote: aahigh

That's not funny. That's sad. Or scary.

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Quote: aahigh

That is what we call a "Front Butt".

Many years ago playing VP at the Plaza I watched a guy haggle w a prostitute pointing out she was a bit fat. While the price was being negotiated the guys wife walks up and proceeds to smack the shit outta him while pointing at the ho yelling "Is That what you want? That?"
I have a bewitched egg that I use to play VP with and I have net over 900k with it.

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