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Quote: Wizard

Why not? And note I said "mooching off welfare."

Well for one thing Ap is work,mooching off welfare isn't.
Also welfare is taking from all of our tax dollars.
Ap is taking from private companies.
I would compare aping more with extreme couponing
Or playing the credit card or airline mileage game.

What about professional stock traders do you equate them to mooching off of welfare?
The mountain is tall but grass grows on top of the mountain.
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Quote: Wizard

Once for a collage class I had to go to a religious service. So I went to a Buddhist service in Long Beach. The pastor, or whatever the term is, said as you did. That Buddha wasn't a god, they don't worship him, but just somebody very enlightened.

Sometimes I come across people who claim to have Buddhist leanings. My response is always to ask them to name the Four Noble Truths. I've yet to meet one of these phony Buddhists who could name even one of them.

1) He who does not seek true enlightenment will never sip the nectar of the holy kumquat.
2) Those jeans do, in fact, make your wife look fat.
3) Russian vodka is better than American vodka.
4) The great wheel of karma deserves Michelin tires.

I got 'em all right!
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I consider Buddhism and mindfulness in itself an eternal elixir to living a fulfilling and "happy" life.
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yes, for me it is relative and too
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Warnings to StevieRayShine and WhatBoy for religious statements. Please note the forum rules have changed since this thread was started.

Thread closed.
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