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I spent about 30 minutes walking around the Harrah's AC floor last night...just a quick stop over to see if I could vulture some Ultimate X multiplers. Its been a number of years since I've been in Harrah's, and as I always do when visiting a place I've never been to or haven't been to in many years I immediately started checking paytables on the video poker machines. 7-5 Jacks or Better EVERYWHERE in the entire casino, even in the multi game-denomination machines. Even at the $2 coin level you still get 7-5 JoB. Sheesh, do people really play video poker in Harrah's? Their paytables are brutal.

7-5? Is Harrah's that stingy in Vegas too or at Chester PA?

Borgata has plenty of 9-6 machines and some 8-5 machines....is there anywhere worse than Harrah's in AC when it comes to video poker?
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Harrah's AC has bad rules for everything. Blackjack is terrible. It's the worst place to play your money in AC.
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Caesar's AC has 9/6 quarters and dollars.
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My family is planning on going to Harrah's AC instead of Mohegan Sun CT for Christmas this year.

Not so bad for my brother and me, since all we play is poker and craps, but the wives like slots, video poker and a little BJ. Sigh....
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Harrahs has 3 $.25 9/6 JOB machines located outside the bar on the main aisle. They are always occupied .

They also have $1 and $5 JOB 9/6 located in the Diamond playing area.

I agree the VP at Harrahs really creates a vacuum!
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Quote: cpm57

7-5? Is Harrah's that stingy in Vegas too or at Chester PA?

I don't know about Chester, but you'd die to find that table in quarters or .50 in Vegas at a Harrah's property. I think most of their JoB is 6-5, and bonus is the awful 7-5 with 30 on the Four of a Kind and 1-1 on Two Pair. I COULD be exaggerating, but let me put it this way... I will play VP 8-5 if it's available and it racks up points... and I've NEVER played VP at a Caesars property in Vegas (unless I was playing to get a free drink, at which case it's one quarter or nickel until I get the drink).
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