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The Multi-State Lottery Association is an Iowa-based nonprofit that helps administer games offered by state lotteries. You may recall MSLA's security director was charged with modifying the random number generators in a way that allowed him to predict winning numbers on three days of the year. Apparently, the scam continued for years.

Attorneys are now suing the association because its failure to operate lottery games in accordance with its own rules, and its failure to prevent the compromised software, constitute a fraud perpetrated on anyone who played in lottery drawings on those days. The lawsuit seeks reimbursement plus interest for anyone who played on those days.

Pay up for Lotto "Fraud"

Ummm... But, how many players will be able to document their lotto play on specific days from several years ago? I bet'cha the case won't proceed because of difficulty identifying the affected parties. Not sure anyone will get any $$, with the possible exception of the attorneys.

It reminds me of casino announcement, “Will the player who just lost the $100 bill please form a line to the left of the cashier window.”
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Personally, I currently can only document my lottery ticket purchases back through 2010, with images of each ticket purchased. I have no idea how other people document what tickets they have purchased.
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Yes it's hard to prove. I guess it doesn't have to be within a shadow of the doubt, but just believable. It must have been the same with cigarette and talcum powder.
Looks like sh!t just got imaginary!

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