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Kerala is a state in the South of India which is frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. There are many beautiful places in Kerala that are known for either their scenic beauty or have a culture or tradition attached to it.

Among the many districts in Kerala, Quilon or Kollam is an old seaport town that is flanked by Alappuzha on the North, Pathanamthitta on the Northeast, Thiruvananthapuram in the South, Tirunelveli in the East and the Arabian Sea in the West. It is a great trade center in India and was earlier known as Desinganadu. It is one among the many Kerala tour places and is known for its elegance and architectural beauty.

Quilon stands along the Ashtamudi Lake. The 144 ft Thangassery light house, built in 1902 cannot be missed while visiting Quilon. The Ananda Valleeswaram temple is very famous in this place. There are also many Churches and Mosques around Quilon worth visiting. The Pullichira Church is one among them which was established in 1700 A.D. Chinnakkada Palli is one of the oldest and most important mosques in Quilon. The other local spots for siteseeing in Quilon are Mahatma Gandhi beach and park at Kochupilamoodu. The beach is just 2 kms away from Quilon. Another fascinating beach is Thirumullavaram beach which is 5 kms from Quilon. People fond of swimming can have a great time in the sea here. The largest traffic park in Kerala, Children’s Traffic and Entertainment Park, designed by NATPAC is worth a visit while on tour in Quilon. One can have a great boating experience at the Adventure Park in Quilon village, along the shores of the Ashtamudi backwaters, where different kinds of boats are available on hire.
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That's all well and good but do their casinos give good comps or have 9/6 Jacks or better video poker?
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Looks good until you read the reviews. Where do you park your elephant when the valet is full?
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