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I love the old school noir movies that were from before I was born - yes, I'm not that old

just watched "Out of the Past" with Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas and the very beautiful Jane Greer - was really great - nothing like a hot dame with a 45 and not afraid to use it -

line from the flick - they're playing roulette -

Mitchum - you're going to lose playing that way

Greer: - do you know a way to win

Mitchum - I know how to lose slower___________________________(-:\

quite a few really good old school noir movies are free on YT - the whole movies not just trailers

Fritz Lang's "Scarlet Street" and "Detour" are 2 of them

searching will get you more

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Fans of "Godzilla" owe it to themselves to watch the original, 1954 version of the movie, aka "Gojira."

The spoken words are Japanese with English subtitles.

The original differs from the one we're familiar with in many ways because we're used to viewing the Americanized version where the plot was tweaked and Raymond Burr was interjected as a form of narrator; the Japanese original version has no Burr, among other things.
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