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January 5th, 2021 at 5:52:45 PM permalink
Quote: mcallister3200

Slight tangent and speaking of bad burgers, Wendy’s uses burgers that are too old to serve as the meat for their chili.

It's not really Wendy's drive-thru unless you have an authentic Jim Cornette Burger Towel.
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I am from Milwaukee and live near Chicago. Culvets is my favorite of the ones listed. Up in Milwaukee there is a small chain called Kopp's that I love their burgers and their frozen custard is outstanding. In Chicago I like Portillos, or if in NW IN I am a huge fan of Schoop's
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Including places (Five Guys) who do not have drive throughs is kinda unfair. I voted In N Out.

If including non-drive throughs, the best burger I have found is at BurgerFi
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Culver's https://www.qsrmagazine.com/chains/culvers
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I would have voted Fatburger restaurant. But not much locations.
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I love Five Guys. But have never had Culver’s. That said, McDonald’s fries have a special place in my heart.
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Quote: terapined

I pretty much lived my life on the East Coast. I've always heard about In-n-Out burger. Great Rep. Long Lines. Gotta be doing something right. Overall I have say I'm disappointed. Nothing special

Agreed. I don’t understand what’s so great about In-n-Out. Very mediocre in my opinion

I’m not from the west coast so I never tried it until I was an adult.
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the best fast food joints season the burgers and other food in such a way to give it taste so that the person eating it overlooks the fact that the meat is not high quality
that is why they are so popular
Taco Bell is a master of this - they don't serve burgers but their meat is really low quality - but they are tremendously popular
none of them can compare to a step up restaurant where you have to pay a little more and the beef is really high quality
it's a world of difference
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Quote: Gabes22

In Chicago I like Portillos

Yes! I accidentally stumbled upon the Portillo's in Arlington Heights on a business trip years ago. Their Italian Beef is amazing! It's now a must-see whenever I'm up there. I'll have to take your word on their burgers, though -- I've only had their beef sandwich, and I don't see where I could bring myself to order anything else in the future!

Quote: unJon

McDonald’s fries have a special place in my heart.

Interesting choice of words, as I'm sure McDonald's fries are clogging up my cardiac arteries as well! ;)
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Steak and shake pretty solid and reasonably priced.

Don’t hate on Wendy’s chili. Great use of burgers that are past grill hold time.
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