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Quote: BillRyan

I'm noticing a rather pleasant trend on this board. It appears that the most prominent of our right wing members seem to revel in the fact that they have no kids. Perhaps getting into deep middle age and realizing they failed at the one thing God and or nature put them here to accomplish is what drives them to be such weenies.
Thankfully, few of them will get a chance to inculcate tomorrows children. Mangia!

I don't recall hardly anyone discussing their kids or lack thereof on this forum much at all. Maybe GWAE but that's about it. The quoted post above just seems to be a lame attempt at an attack out of spite. Probably a rule violation, as well, but those seem to get addressed by stifling a conversation and shutting the thread down rather than addressing the rule violators as of late.
Hopefully this thread will promote some lively discussion..I already find it ironic that the left wing supports abortion even hours before imminent delivery yet somehow something is wrong with a right wing person not wanting to have kids. As I understand some are fighting for after birth abortion as well. I don't really know much about the topic of abortion though as it is not something that concerns me. I do know I wouldn't want to have to make a decision to terminate anything with a heartbeat, though.
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"You might be a Nazi if you laugh at 'You might be a redneck' jokes."
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Thanks for posting where I can comment.

1). Iím a conservative thatís has no interest in kids whatís wrong with that??? Thereís already like 7 billion assholes on this planet why should I feel guilty about my decision to not have kids?

2). Nature definitely did not put me on this planet to have kids. My goal in life is to lift weights, eat buffets out of business, get my dick wet 24/7 and gambol non stop. Some peopleís mission in life is to have kids and have a family thatís fine, itís definitely not every persons goal though.

Edit: dick wet 24/7 means tons of sex with no pregnancies

Edit #2: One more life goal I have is to 10x my dads annual salary to prove to him that I donít have to be a engineer to be successful and also that Iím not going to throw away this opportunity he gave me by working his tail off to get here. Still nothing to do with kids.

Also I want to point out that if I did end up having a kid. My priorities would do a 180, and everything in my life would revolve around my kids. If something happened on accident I would sack up and be a good dad. However itís not how I see my life playing out.
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Not having kids is not an accomplishment in itself, but a relief when you have no burden. I don't think one person's comment is enough to be classified as "from the left" or "from libtards". I don't think there are many real leftists even here.
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I don't recall any series of. Comments as alleged in the billyryan quote.

Heartbeat starts at sixweeks.

Gambol OR Gamble?????

Left right center have little meaning, its more the politician versus statesman viewpoint.

what does this have to do with gambling????????????
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EB, AZ, and Boz I believe have all claimed they dont have kids and are staunch right wingers.

I may be wrong so they can correct me if thats the case. I am going by memory.

They can correct me without mentioning homelessness and busses I might add which have nothing to do with this conversation

Axel has also mentioned not having kids?

At any rate i am a little Leary of the OPs intent as he clearly has stated a number of falsehoods (after birth abortions? Really? Technically the Death Penalty and Euthanasia are afterbirth abortions so that maybe is a right wing dream as well. Otherwise I dont know what he is referring to and he knows full well full term abortions have been discussed and are for health reasons. Funny how all life matters EXCEPT the full grown mothers. She can pass away on the birthing table. SMH)

The definition of abortion is termination of pregnancy so how do you do it after pregnancy.

It smells as real as Kosher Pig bacon
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Anyone whondoesnt believe in abortion should have spent the last weekend with me. It would have changed your mind.
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Quote: darkoz

EB, AZ, and Boz I believe have all claimed they dont have kids and are staunch right wingers.

Can only speak for myself but correct. Without repeating totally what I said in the censored, er, closed thread, I do not have kids.

Following not a reply to your post but to continue the conversation.

There is not one waking moment in my life that I wanted to have kids. Nothing about raising kids appeals to me. Happy to be the cool, crazy uncle. Teaching a 6 year old to play BJ when they visit, fun. Doing it all day after day, not so much.

Compare me to the women who want to "have it all." They wait until they are in their late 30s to have the kids, often this means more complications. Sometimes extensive fertility care needed. They still "want it all" so they keep their jobs and outsource raising the kid or kids. The children are accessories, like their handbag or shoes. Compare us and tell me who is more honest.

I think the reality is only the minority "want" kids. Get joy out of having them. I peg this number around 1/3 of guys, 1/2 or women. This number is falling rapidly for both sexes. As a guy the problem I always found was the women who did not want kids were moonbat crazy, undatable. When you found them in the first place.
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I am not Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. I am Pro-Abortion. I think all kids should be aborted unless the parents can pass a competency test showing they are capable of raising a child and supporting that child.
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Quote: AZDuffman

As a guy the problem I always found was the women who did not want kids were moonbat crazy, undatable.

Insert obvious response here.
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