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pretty interesting article, it's cool to read about "the old days"....The article is from the March/April issue of Cigar Aficionado...I have posted article from their's one of the only magazines I still order and read. They always seem to have good gambling articles...

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The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) is not allowed to report income from individual casinos. They did report that the 6th largest casino on the strip had an income of $942 million last fiscal year. Fiscal Year 2011 ends on June 30, 2011

CET does not report on individual casinos. But I have never figured out what the 6th largest casino by revenue on the strip should be. I assume
(1) Wynn & Encore
(2) Venetian & Palazzo

MGM Resorts for Calendar year 2011, and 2010
Bellagio $1,114,711 AND $1,038,593
MGM Grand Las Vegas $941,007 AND $930,541
Mandalay Bay $777,287 AND $ 721,945

It's not clear how the NGC does their accounting, as they seem to include the value of comps as part of revenue. I don't think the businesses include comps on the business quarterly reports. I'm not sure what are the 6 largest casinos on the strip.

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