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Quote: CrapsForever

I quit about a year ago after losing in blackjack almost 80% of the time playing Basic Strategy in the prior 10 years.

I also lose at least 80% of the time I play. However it's not because of luck, it's because of my desired winnings. I'll usually play up to a loss $200 or so but my desired win is in the $400-$500 range. With that goal and my small bets I'm bound to lose way more often than I win, but my wins will be larger. Not much to do with luck over time.

Quote: CrapsForever

In regards to Craps; negative energy definitely affects tables. I know the Mathematicians will say it's BS but it's amazing how a Don't player who walks up to a table destroys the vibe of a good roll or how many times a "7" appears when someone throws cash on the felt during a roll.

This is called Confirmation Bias and it effects almost every feeling and decision you make. For example, a player playing roulette drops his bet in half whenever a new player sits down because he feels it's unlucky. Whenever he would have lost it further confirms his belief. The times he would have won he chalks it up to luck and disregards it. Since the losses are more aggravating than the wins are good, he tends to only remember the times he lost. This just reinforces the bias. There's no magical force at work causing him to lose when a new player sits down.
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Yo CrapsForever... Finally there is someone that gets it. I dont need to try and convince anyone of how the game should be played. I just will state that there is a factor of energy on the craps games. You cant see it, hear it, taste it, or smell it, but it is there. Ive said this a few times. Those who dont want to believe it, that is fine, figure your own way to win in the game. I consistently win... there is skill involve in poker, craps, and sports handicapping. They are the only games I would ever venture to play... because I win .. period. Im a winner.

I was recently given a challenge by a fellow member to go against him in NBA picks. He said he had a system and he would go 75%. I told him there was skill involve and any mathematical, statistic, algorithm, etc bs was not going to make him money. I have proceeded to go undefeated 6 days in a row now 6-0... and he is unwinable 0-9. Too funny!

So, given that I have figured out how to apply skill to handicapping, I would suggest to you that I know what I am talking about in my other gaming ventures, which are poker and craps. I win.. period. I wont play any other games. Dont believe in them. Maybe if you are a card counter in the long run... but I dont like the game.
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Just bet DON'T PASS when the negative energy is observed. Then switch to PASS when the negative energy dissipates. Seems obvious to me.

I don't believe it for a second. Whatever energy is present, the shooter is still going to roll a random number.
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You dont have to believe it.. It is probably better for you if you don't believe it so it doesnt affect your play. Just ask yourself honestly... have you been winning consistently on the craps tables?

Management and discipline are a HUGE part of gambling. In addition to knowledge and experience, one should not be on the tables if they can't stop when they are ahead.. not should they be playing if they think they are going to make a huge score every time... waiting for that miracle roll. Just not happening!

Let me ask you this... Do you believe that someone can pick up a wireless phone and talk to someone halfway across the world? If your answer is yes, then you must believe in some subconscious state that energy does exist.. Ill let you figure the rest out.
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Craps is the most "Jekyll and Hyde" casino game ever invented!
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Remember CrapsForever... you are part of that energy. So whatever you are feeling can be a factor. Many times nervous energy is the same as negative... you are doomed if you can't control it. It is part of the laws of attraction... negative and positive must even out at some point.

I personally never play on a crowded table. Never jump in after a long roll. Never jump in the middle of a roll. I like playing with maybe one or two other players, if not just by myself. Im in and out like the wind. Make a few bucks and dont look back. I also jump in anytime I see a Virgin shooter, a gay man, or an innocent woman that is shooting the dice. Pure energy... the gay man part is because they are so happy all the time and arent gamblers.. so no nervous energy.
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Quote: WatchMeWin

I dont need to try and convince anyone of how the game should be played. I just will state that there is a factor of energy on the craps games.

So a bunch of screaming craps players creates
a bunch of energy and you think it influences
the dice outcome? Thats physically impossible.
Just like screaming roulette players could influence
the ball.

Whats happening is just what somebody else
pointed out. You only see and remember
selected events that fit what you want to believe.
If creating energy by getting emotional could
change the outcome, a university study would
have proven it long ago and the game would
be gone. Last time I looked the casino still
had a lock on the house edge.
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I love this topic.

In games where there is a skill factor, skill will help, but skill alone will not make you win. Some examples:

Skill in video poker will be the knowledge to play the hand the best way possible. Whether the RNG cooperates is another matter.
Live poker: skill will help you play and bet your cards, and when to fold. The random shuffle and deal will be the final answer.
Slots: you are at the mercy of the RNG period.
Blackjack: skill will defnitely help you play, but again you are at the mercy of the shuffle.

Craps... ahh, craps. Craps could be a game of 100% skill but few players have the skill to effectively influence the dice. But even if a craps player has the skill to influence the dice there are still random elements in the game.

Bottom line: skill only goes so far to help you win. That's why its gambling.

But skill can help you get so far in other endeavors as well. Why does one singer become famous, and other singer with the same voice and look fail to get stardom?

Why does one actor get the lead roll and a fifty million dollar studio contract while another actor can only get jobs in summer stock?

I've seen luck triumph skill in my own TV industry. Why do some managers get top network positions, and others who are better "managers" suffer in small markets in Iowa??

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I dont think youre really gambling at most casino games, just making stupid bets at offered odds.
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