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Quote: PokerGrinder

Doc I have noticed that you listed the original Oaklawn chip as 'Oaklawn Park" The chip makes no mention to "Park" and neither does the chip guide or the casino website. I'm not sure why you have it listed that way. As far as this chip and that chip I have no idea how you want to differentiate the two chips in the index.

P.S 4 days in a row that I posted a chip!!! (Don't get used to me remembering)

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    Oaklawn Park vs. Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort???? Man, it might be difficult to dredge up all of the relevant history.

    The "ever-reliable" Wikipedia currently has their web page using the "Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort" name, while they note that the place opened as Oakland Park Race Track in 1905. They refer to racing events at "Oaklawn Park" at least through 2019, well after I visited their all-electronic-games casino in 2015. I suspect -- but cannot document -- that the signage around the place still all said Oaklawn Park, even though that designation was not used on the chips even back then. It was not until April 2019 that the Arkansas constitution was amended to allow full, live casino games.

    Did the casino ever really operate as "Oaklawn Park"? If so, did they just not include the "Park" designation on the chips for some reason like "We plan to change the name eventually and don't want to have to rebuy chips", or some such thing? Did the casino name get changed when the constitution was amended? On the other hand, could they perhaps have operated the track under a different name from the casino even back in 2015 but with signage that didn't make that clear to patrons? I have no idea of the proper answers.

    Since the chips that are currently in use have not changed, my usual view would be that the casino has not changed and we shouldn't need two CCotD posts for this place. However, since you have already composed and made your post, I will add it to the directory under the simple name of "Oaklawn". That's somewhat like the way we have both Southland and Southland Park shown in the index, but those have different chips shown. If someone has different thoughts, I am open to suggestions.

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