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I think this might be the right place for this thread.

Does anyone know how Caesars comps system works in regards to offers of cash / free hotel rooms?

I was getting lousy offers, then I went and played for a few hours and lost like $300. Then they started giving me free weekday room offers in Vegas.

2 months later, I go and play $25 a hand for a few hours, and now they're giving me free weekday and weekend room offers, which is great.

My question is, let's say I want to just go and play poker for 2-3 hours, will that screw everything up by lowering my average expected loss per trip? Or does it just add to things and make my offers slightly better / no change?

If I go again and do the $25 a hand thing, will that make offers better, or have I reached my peak?

Thanks for the help, just trying to figure out the best way to get a free room for our trip next year.
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Fins- as another low roller I've been getting the Harrahs offers of free rooms for years but NOT at Caesars. I've never stayed at Caesars but they have now added it as an option for me. I think you have reached your peak. I tend to play many more hours than you at the $25 pai gow tables and i keep getting the free room affers with other coupon deals too (2-1 buffet, 2-1 show tickets, etc...)They've bumped the max days to 4 from 3 sometimes. My recent trip had 3 free Rio nights, and my play earned me a whopping $25 in comps, likely as the result of 30 hours or so of table gambling.
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I play craps and am probably a much lower roller than either FinsRule or SOOPOO -- I very rarely wager a green chip at all, other than on odds, and never any higher chip. I do get more than $25 in play at a time, but not a lot of money ever, and usually only if the hand is much longer than one at a card table.

I get very decent room offers from Caesars Entertainment, so that's where I stay. Here's what my recent trips have cost me for rooms in Las Vegas, tax included:

Jan 2010, Rio, 3 nights M-W, $67.20
Apr 2010, Rio, 3 nights M-W, $151.20 (notice the inconsistency!)
Dec 2010, Rio, 5 nights M-F, $0 (no consistency at all!)
June 2011 (WoVCon), Bally's, 6 nights F-W, $172.48.

The 3-night stays at the Rio were part of trips that extended to Palm Springs, Laughlin, and other spots -- I don't fly all the way to NV for just 3 nights. I have never stayed at the now-namesake Caesars Palace. Even though I stay at Harrah's/Caesars' properties, I don't do all my gaming there, perhaps only a minority. I have also received good/free room rates at their properties in Mississippi.
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By Caesars', I meant all Caesars' properties.

I did get a couple of free nights at Caesars' Palace though.

Thanks for the answers, I still would like to know if going and playing a little would hurt. Why aren't casinos a little more straightforward with this? I would think it would help business if people knew what they needed to play for free nights in Vegas...
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I've given up trying to figure out the Caesar's system. I do know they like a big gaming day, like your $300 win loss. I don't think playing poker will hurt you that much, but it won't help. Just play the way your normally do. The comps will come.
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In my opinion, if you take them up on their comp offer and ONLY play 2-3 hours a day in the poker room, you will destroy your ADT (average daily theoretical) and jeopardize your "relationship" with CET. Your ADT is more valuable than anything in the eyes of CET (there are some "Gold" card holders who get better comps than Diamond). If you want to burn them by only giving them poker room play, feel free to enjoy your trip. The reality is it will probably be your last until your ADT improves again (ADT is so low for poker players because they make very little money off of it).. I will usually burn CET for their room comps in Vegas because of their terrible blackjack rules. To keep the "free" rooms coming, I'll run $200 through the slots per day and play craps there...and take my blackjack action to the MGM joints for the superior rules.
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In the past couple of weeks I've used

2 comp nights at Harrah's Reno
2 comp nights at Harrah's Laughlin (over Memorial Day weekend)
2 comp nights at Caesar's and
2 comp nights at Bally's.

I earned about 2000 points from my play at Laughlin and something like 100 points from my play at EVERY OTHER CASINO COMBINED. And my buy-in and betting patterns at every casino were exactly the same, which was very similar to the play that got me the comps in the first place. The number of sessions was comparable between Vegas, Reno and Laughlin.

I've given up trying to figure out how the hell their point system works.

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