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Quote: Mission146

Quote: Seedvalue

What’s the Free play Like down there in Mardi Gra ? Would love to come through WV and bust up some of these places. These casinos need to be beat.
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I've never been there, but both Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island are Delaware North casinos in WV.

I would say cards can be done at a decent profit (at least for WI) if you live around there or you have someone who can do the pick ups such that it is only a minor time inconvenience. If you don't have anyone who passes through there regularly or lives around there, (WI was 6x pickups/month when I did it) then you would lose a lot in terms of time to free play value to the extent that I would say it would never be worth the time with much better (per hour) opportunities out there.
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I Took a look as it was not that far from the stealers game. Couldn’t believe they had a few 50k MHs. Found one good spot there I’m sure your aware of looked like a fairly new install. Your right Nothing worth the time, and I did not like the entrance protocol.
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Quote: 100xOdds

Quote: 100xOdds

i've tried but cant stick to the rule of ONLY playing known +ev situations.

i chase high progressives.
ie: $40 (4x reset) mini

i also believe that max bet will immensely help in hitting that progressive once i trigger the jackpot bonus.
unfortunately, getting that jackpot bonus to activate is the problem.

i've lost $2k in an slot chasing a $60 mini. (4x reset)
combination of lack of bonus rounds and when i get them, it paid very little plus a long time before getting a jackpot pick but hitting the minor thus needing to play more to get another shot at the mini.

other times i max bet chasing a high progressive and hit a handpay.
i guess i like the action/variance which is bad if you're AP.

2023 resolution: wait till it's 8x reset
reason: i dread entering all those w2g's when i file my 2022 taxes next year

and it should cut down on my swings
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Chasing the $500 capped bottom progressive.
lost $2500 at 5lines ($5/spin) and never got it or any progressive.
i guessimate 25% return..

and of course if i would have bet max (9lines, $9/spin total), i would have hit that progressive 3 times plus the red progressive for $1700.
but that's fluff since if i bet max, i would have never gotten it.
just a tease by design.
if you would have bet max 9lines instead of 5, this is what your could have gotten bs.

what's the min return of this game?

and this loss is my wake up call to stop playing high progressives unless it's 8x reset.

where's my pic???
slot is called Triple Jackpot Gems
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Triple Jackpot Gems:
Craps is paradise (Pair of dice). Lets hear it for the SpeedCount Mathletes :)

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