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Quote: Pink

I've never experienced that. Most people are involved with their own game. However, I have been asked what I was looking for. I just tell them. Most people reply oh wow that's smart.

The bonus machines of the past were easily visible to the players. You could see the play from ten feet away. Ultimate x used to be like that as well. The machine would put the best play on the screen. Then they would just run through each of the games. I think it's been about five years since they changed it to hiding the plays. Some games even force you to put money I to then to check them.

The newest bonus machines are easily visible to the player without sitting down on the game. I guess someone realized the problem. But my guess is the casino was the one who wanted the multipliers hidden. I believe the game makers could not possibly be that stupid. It would absolutely be to the casinos advantage for the screens to flash the best plays for all to see. That's why in CASINO Ace tells the slot supervisor to put the progressives in the front where people can see them.

I am glad I re-read this. On my first read, which was very poor on my part, I thought you were arguing that hiding was the last iteration. I was ready to argue. Damn drunk reading comprehension.

Seeing the "best" plays on old machines is beyond my time though. I didn't start more seriously until late 2013.
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Iím bumping this because it was just asked about in a different thread, I think.
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Any update?
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