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Quote: AxelWolf

That sounds interesting, is the main application meant for just keeping your car from fading or does it also help with chips, scratches, and other things?

$100 seems awful cheap to have that done, is there any reason one shouldn't do it other than the cost?

It doesnít help with chips or scratches, no.

The application is time consuming. You have to wash, strip old wax, clay bar, then apply in panels: do two, wipe two, do two, wipe two. Once you start, you canít stop. If it sits longer than about 15 minutes it hardens and you have to wet sand the panel.

I had one of the detail guys do it on his day off. He was happy for the work.

More about polysilazanes:

Where to buy it: (I didnít shop price or brand, I just googled and picked one. I myself used Armor Allís product. I got it at work for free.)
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I have a Chevy Volt. I like it because I get 35 miles of electric charge every day and then switch to gas. I often drive 300+ miles a day. I also like that it can run ac/heat with the engine only occasionally turning on. If I need to pull over and rest or do something on the computer I can leave the car on and not use much gas.
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Thanks for the coating info, Mosca! We have a huge problem twice a year with lovebugs. They swarm, get plastered on the car, and almost immediately damage the finish with corrosive chemical reaction.

If they've come up with a way to defear this issue, where a skilled person could set up shop and just apply this, they would make an absolute fortune here.
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