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I have a feeling this story may have some legs. Last year, a former US Marine of Korean descent took place in a "raid" of the North Korean embassy in Spain. A number of men stormed the building and removed lap tops, hard drives and other instruments thought to contain intelligence.
A group of North Korean defectors took credit for the raid, and is attempting to be recognized as the North Korean Government in exile.
When the former Marine returned to the States, he says he met with US Officials and was debriefed about the raid, supposedly handing over some intelligence gathered in the raid.
This week, he was arrested and may be turned over to Spanish Police on charges preferred by the North Korean government. Federal Agents raided the home and offices of the leaders of Free Chosin, the American cousin of the group that raided the offices in Spain Hopefully, Trump remembers what happened to the last American North Korea tried.
The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction is supposed to make sense.
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