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Aside from that, my GF likes her privacy.

I find it hard to believe all weekly places are full up.
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Quote: ZenKinG

By the way, if anyone has a couch for a day or 2 let me know LOL. Ill give you 20 a day for the couch, which seems reasonable.

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Quote: AxelWolf

Aside from that, my GF likes her privacy.

I find it hard to believe all weekly places are full up.

Call them and see for yourself. I cant believe every single siegel suites and no lease extended stay place is 'all booked up'. Now im back to sleeping in my car. Havent even slept a proper night for the past week either. When to go see my beother in florida because he got surgery and had to sleep on the couch in his house.

Anyone have a motel recommendation off strip at cheap prices? This CES crap is unreal. All motels even skyrocketed their prices. I obviously have the money to pay for them, but im just naturally cheap and refuse to pay premium prices for no reason.

I think i might have to go sleep in a casino sportsbook
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I bet djatc will let you sleep in his Miata.
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I don't get it. YOU HAVE A CAR. Drive to Laughlin and stay for free. The evil empire gives free rooms like crazy down there...
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Quote: rdw4potus

I don't get it. YOU HAVE A CAR.

Indeed; so sleep in it.

You'll be happy those tinted windows help subdue the morning sun.
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Flamingo is $94. Is this thread some kind of joke?
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$ 33 / Nt at the Edgewater in Laughlin for Tonight and Friday
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If I were saddled with the terrible burden of being young, single and having pockets full of cash and a car, and I was in such a situation, I think I'd just go spend a couple days some place I'd never been before, like maybe St. George.

Laughlin is fun but, other than gambling, the main thing is hanging out at the river. Not the right time of year for that.

I'd rent my couch to ZK, but it's already crowded with my mother in law here. Plus, it's too small to sleep on.
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Drive to Primm.
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