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You can legally use an alias for pretty much anything as long you aren't intentionally trying to defraud someone. (The most common thing there is specific laws on is names regarding business dealings and even then its just really for tax liability) I don't know how how it would play out if you were already backed off'ed or formally barred from a property and came back with an alias.

However, if you are trying to proactively use an alias at a casino you believe you will eventually get kicked from and want to stay off watch lists that would be legal. The trick would be finding out what ID you can legally create with an alias that security will actually accept. (depending on how strict the place is, might not be possible). If you wanted to do some hit and run, you could use some social engineering to get a non standard ID accepted at least once and that would be fine as well.
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Hi folks, Iíve also heard of counters using fake IDs to get new playerís cards. Iím curious how viable that tactic is (not the use of the new playerís card, but rather how easy/hard is it to get a new card using a fake ID). Iím sure results will vary, depending on the quality of the fake, the various screening processes the casinos use, maybe even whether you get the playerís card at the pit vs the customer service desk(??).

If anyone has any info they can provide, thatíd be awesome. Feel free to PM me too.

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