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For those interested in casino gambling information and casino travel destinations, below I have included some of the popular podcast sites, and a description of what you will find at each.

Five Hundy By Midnight
This podcast began in January 2005. It now has approximately 440 episodes available on line for free.
Originating weekly from the Minneapolis area, this podcast is billed as “The Original Las Vegas Podcast.”
It is hosted by a husband and wife, Tim and Michele Dressan. The length of each show varies from less than an hour to over two hours. The hosts comment on Las Vegas news, current trends entertainment and basically whatever is on their mind. Both hosts enjoy visiting Vegas, gambling, restaurants and imbibing on what they refer to as “tasty cocktails.”
This is a MUST listen to if you are going to visit Vegas
A big supporter and cheerleader for the downtown Las Vegas area Tim Dressan also operates the website

The Vegas Gang
This podcast currently has over 105 episodes available on-line for free
Billed as a “Las Vegas and Casino Gaming Roundtable Podcast, this podcast focuses on Las Vegas, Macau and casinos throughout the world. Atlantic City was featured after one of the hosts took a trip to the east coast resort town.
The podcast is associated with the VegasTripping.Com web site. The Vegas Gang hosting team is made up of; the developer of the “Vegas Mate” iPhone app, Hunter Hilligas, UNLV Professor and author of Grandissimo (A biography of Las Vegas icon Jay Sarno) Dr. Dave Schwartz, and Las Vegas expert and Vegas Tripping web site owner, Chuck Monster.
On the podcast the listener can find information on the most recent casino industry news, such as; revenue figures, management changes, corporate earnings, casino design, industry successes and industry failures. It also includes exclusive information of upcoming events, restaurant opening and closing and nightlife information.
The Vegas Gang also presents an annual awards show known as the Trippies.” The special award show, which runs for several hours, present a Trippie” award for each winner in numerous best and worse categories. The winner is determined by internet voting. A second award is presented based on a consensus of the hosts’ opinion. 2014 will be the tenth year that Trippies will be awarded.
The Vegas Gang participates in the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic V.I.M.F.P.

You Can Bet On That
Approximately 40 of episodes available on the Internet for free
Hosted by Mark DeVol and Dentist Dr. Mike. This is promoted as the “podcast for the recreational gamblers.” This podcast is one of the more recent ones to come on the scene. In my opinion it is the best podcast for the average player and visitor to gambling destinations.
Topics are diverse. Past shows have included; slots, video poker, craps, blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, even horse racing, to name a few. The hosts are frequent Las Vegas casino visitors; Dr. Mike is an elite “Seven Stars” player at the Caesars properties. Besides speaking of their Las Vegas trips, Dr. Mike and Mark often recount their experiences in their home casino Harrah’s Rincon, in California.
The weekly home poker game segment provides the rules for a different home poker game each week.
In an effort to provide listeners with insight into East Coast gambling the hosts made a 2013 visit to Atlantic City. After an East Coast listener meet-up, they visited a number of casinos and came away with a positive view of the area. They then recounted their trip on the show.
The hosts maintain a Facebook page and a twitter account in which they announce planned casino trips, so listeners can join them.

Gambling with an Edge
There are approximately 155 episodes available on-line for free.
Broadcast on KLAV 1230 AM “The talk of Las Vegas” It is archived on the Internet. It is hosted by Video Poker expert, author and teacher Bob Dancer. This show have been several co-hosts over the years. The original co-host was advantage video poker expert Frank Kneeland. He was followed by “The Wizard Of Odds” math expert Michael Shackelford. The current co-host is author and Blackjack Hall of Fame member Richard Munchkin.
This show is probably the most hardcore advantage play podcast available. Richard Munchkin generally distinguished between professional advantage players and recreational players by calling the former, “civilians.”
The format of the show is an opening segment with gambling news followed by a guest interview. The guests are the most notable in the field. Past guest include; the noted gambling attorney Bob Nersesian, MIT Blackjack Team member Mike Aponte, card counting experts Max Ruben and Arnold Snyder, gaming author Michael Konik and Stanford Wong, Surveillance expert Willy Allison and Frank DeCarlo, poker star Daniel Negranu, Black Jack multi-millionaire Don Johnson and the new President and CEO of the American Gaming Association Geoff Freeman.
This Podcast includes The Palms Casino and The South Point casino as sponsors,

Living in Las Vegas
With around 205 episodes, this has evolved from an audio podcast to a video podcast which is often referred to as a “Vodcast.”
Hosted by Scott Whitney and Melissa Whitney. The hosts call the podcast, “An entertaining first-person look into what it is like to call Sin City your home.” The podcast provides information about Las Vegas from the perspective of a resident.
Video of the show are available on on the Vegas Video Network. They are of professional quality

360 Vegas
There are approximately 120 episodes available on the Internet for free
This podcast has the best opening introduction of any podcast. The host has assembled a montage of lines form Vegas related movies, television and news clips. He plays them over the opening music. It is very well done.
This is broadcast from Memphis Tennessee. This podcast is quirky. For some reason the hosts feel the need to frequently use profanity including use “the F word” for no apparent reason. They also have the annoying habit of laughing, like hyenas, at their own jokes. If you can put up with that you will find that they provide interesting news and commentary.
The show features a “random Vegas” segment, the Las Vegas “deal of the Week” and a “Vegas Mate review of the Week.”

Tipping the Odds Las Vegas
This podcast is closing in 100 episodes available on the Internet for free
It is hosted by “Mitch and Dr. Kev.” Dr. Kev is the straight man. He provides news, facts and excellent insight into Las Vegas happenings, while Mitch provides color commentary and humor. A highlight of their show is the recap of their frequent trips to Las Vegas. Some episodes have friends as guests that recount their gambling trips on the show.
The hosts have authored the book “Casino Blackjack for the Recreational Player.” It is available for sale on their web site.

ESPN Poker Edge
This podcast is hosted by ESPN’s Andre Feldman
Poker related content with the latest poker news. Poker celebrity guests have included; Mike Sexton, Scotty Nguyen, Doyle Brunson, Chris Moneymaker and Antonio Esfandiari

The Gamblers Book Club
The Gambler’s Book Club is the iconic Las Vegas Book store. It advertises that it has over 3000 gambling related books in stock. The store was founded in 1964 by John and Edna Luckman. The Podcast features “Authors and players of interest in the gambling world.” It is hosted by the stores current owner, Howard Schwartz. The podcast states it has over 250,000 listeners in countries around the world.
Guests are gambling book authors. Some are famous some are obscure. Mr. Schwartz is an excellent interviewer. A recent guest was former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. He was discussing his book “Being Oscar: From Mob Lawyer to Mayor of Las Vegas.”

Sports gambling podcast
Hosted by Sean Green and Ryan Kramer. The hosts discuss all aspects of sports gambling. Topics include football, boxing, hockey, MMA, and baseball. Guests provide opinion and tips for upcoming games.
The podcast has a web site that is filled with sports stat.

The Strip
Sadly there have not been new episodes of this podcast for several years. However there is a web site with access to a achieve of past shows.
This Podcast is hosted by journalist Steve Friess and his now husband Miles. The couple produced this podcast, in conjunction with their web site, when they resided in Las Vegas. Both were Vegas insiders and they had inside information about everything going on in Las Vegas.
They generally started the show with banter then they moved to the latest news. Their insider status gave them access to the rich and famous. Steve Wynn granted exclusive interviews to Steve, as did his now ex-wife Elaine Wynn. Other celebrities would sit down for an interview with Steve when they were in town.
Each week the show would end with the “Tourist Tip of the Week” that would provide some inside secret for a wide range of areas.

This is just a sampling of the podcasts that are available.
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Wow what a rundown. I wish I had more time to listen to podcasts. Since I have started riding my bicycle to work, my podcast-listening time has been greatly reduced. I used to listen on the bus, but it's generally not considered safe to listen while riding a bike in city traffic. So now I listen while I'm at the gym and a few other random times. I barely can keep up with the Adam Carolla show, which is my daily staple. I do listen to GWAE every week as well.

If I ever have a long drive or something, I might check out some of these.
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I listen to most of those as well.

In addition:

Ante Up podcast, from the publishers of Ante Up magazine. Strictly poker related, but also many stories regarding the Ante Up cruises and poker tour.

UNLV Gaming Podcast. Hosted by Dr Dave from the Vegas Gang, its a recording of some of their guest lectures. The audio quality tends to be iffy, but good stuff.

Penn's Sunday School. Penn Gillette (of Penn & Teller fame) hosts a very funny show. It has very little to do with Vegas other than the fact that he lives and works in Vegas. Sometimes he talks about his show. Sometimes he talks about other shows. Usually he talks about other stuff. But it's all pretty fun & funny.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

UNLV Gaming Podcast. Hosted by Dr Dave from the Vegas Gang, its a recording of some of their guest lectures. The audio quality tends to be iffy, but good stuff..

I should not have been so critical. He's trying. And it's good content.

The podcast that should take the award for shitty audio is Gambling With An Edge. And that one is a recording of an actual radio broadcast! I can only imagine how shitty it sounds over the air!!!
I invented a few casino games. Info: ————————————————————————————————————— Superstitions are silly, childish, irrational rituals, born out of fear of the unknown. But how much does it cost to knock on wood? 😁
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I never did figure out where that "hundy' term came from but Michelle's come hither voice is great. Some of the people calling into the show are clearly three sheets to the wind.

That Vegas Video Network had quite a few shows, one of them was solely about new cocktails available in Vegas, but I've not visited the site in eons. Forgot all about it.
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Quote: FleaStiff

I never did figure out where that "hundy' term came from...

It's from a quote from the movie Swingers (which Tim and Michele play at the beginning of every episode):

Two buddies are driving to Las Vegas from Southern California.

One says, "Do you think we'll get there by midnight?"

The other responds, "Baby, we're gonna be up five hundy by midnight!" meaning they'll be up five hundred dollars., a podcast for the recreational gambler
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Huge fan of "You Can Bet on That". Great show, especially being from San Diego.

Another favorite is "Vice Lounge Online", in which hosts Tony and Jason discuss casino gambling, fine cigars and quality adult beverages for about 45 minutes. A good listen for Vegas goers interested in the fun of vice.
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I have to second the vote for "You Can Bet On That." Their April 1st episode was one of their best, and a must listen -- some of their best tips are in that show!

"Gambling With An Edge" has gotten better over time. The technical issues have gotten better, as has Dancer's interviewing. (It's still charming to hear him READ the next question in the interview.)
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