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Quote: Tomspur

They don't have to be full bleeds, although that makes it easier. They symmetry can be lacking on the edges of thec ard (hence the name "edge sorting") or it can be on the edges of the logo boxes or if there is a white box around the outside (like most poker cards) there can still be a-symmetrical patterns there to be exploited. Hell, the card companies tried to get clever and include a "faded design" which fades the main coloring more and more the closer it gets to the edges and even those had flaws.....

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Thanks for that. I have a few decks with "fading to edge". You're right, they don't make it either. So symmetry prevails.
Some people need to reimagine their thinking.
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Quote: teliot

I spoke with someone in the know, and the way I understand this is not that he physically brought cards, but that he requested cards from a certain manufacturer. This is a rumor, so is worth its weight in electrons. But it also explains why Borgata is going after the card manufacturer for conspiracy.

Let's see, we have a poker professional who is requesting cards from a specific manufacturer...

Let us make the fundamental assumption that when people do things, they do things for a reason. Having made this assumption, it necessarily follows that when people do unusual things, those things, as well, can be assumed to be being done for a reason.

Now, we ask ourselves the question: Is there anything so wrong with the cards we have that he should want us to use different cards?

It appears that our decks of cards have 52 cards per deck, and we can assume so do his...

Next question: Would a professional poker player be superstitious?

Answer: Probably not. Therefore, we can conclude that he wants cards from a specific manufacturer, and not for reasons owing to superstition, thus, the answer is no.

You don't have to know why he wants different cards when simply knowing that he wants different cards is enough.

Again, assuming that rumor is true.

That would be almost like saying, "I am suing you because I am unbelievably stupid, you are not, and you took advantage of my stupidity to LEGALLY obtain money from me."
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Quote: Mission146

Next question: Would a professional poker player be superstitious?

Answer: Probably not.

I'm gonna stop you right there. As it turns out, there are plenty of superstitious poker players, and at least when it comes to house gambling like craps, Ivey has proven to be plenty superstitious.

Check out this video for a fun and interesting watch.

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