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Initial Meet-Up

The following is a description of events at the WoVCON East/Midwest/Appalachia event held at Meadows Casino and DoubleTree Inn on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 from 12:15p.m.-7:00p.m. (or later, up to five people left after me).

The day opened up with me having a hellacious drive to Meadows from my house due to the fact that we had spent the last few hours getting absolutely pelted by snow. I left at 10:15a.m. hoping to make it to Meadows (usually 60-75 minutes, traffic dependent) by noon and still did not arrive until 12:15p.m.

The first thing I did was go to the Player's Club with my computer print-out to get my $10 off coupon for the Food Court. On my way to the Food Court, OdiousGambit noticed me and came over to say hello, he was the first one there. OdiousGambit and I walked over to the fish & chips place whereupon I got a fish & chips and a coffee (though they gave me two coffees by mistake) and OdiousGambit got an espresso from a coffee place stating he'd already had breakfast.

I recalled something being mentioned in the Forum about meeting "By the windows," so I suggested to OG that we find a location near the windows overlooking the track. Originally, I wanted to sit in these comfortable leather armchairs, but the TV's near there were entirely too loud and I needed some coffee to perk me up after the hellacious drive I had and being up all night on an advantage play at Wheeling Island. (It didn't come through in time, but other advantage plays before that had went REALLY well and I still left $2xx.xx ahead.)

I discussed the weather situation with OG and we decided that we would give everyone until 1:30 to get there before proceeding to the Craps table.

I believe GWAE and Mrs. GWAE were the next two individuals to arrive, and let me say that Mrs. GWAE has an absolutely charming personality, she was great to have around and I hope she comes to the next event!

We sat around and discussed everything, and I apologize if I am in any way out of order, but I believe that AZDuffman was the next one to approach, and by some kind of weird intuition that I can't explain, I knew it was him as soon as I saw him even though I have never met or seen a picture of him before.

The remaining people who showed up did so in a more staggered way from that point forward. I believe Wrongway and the lovely Mrs. Wrongway were the next two to show up, and Mrs. Wrongway was the only other significant other to attend, and just as much of a pleasure to have with the group as Mrs. GWAE. I also believe that Mrs. Wrongway was counting cards when she was playing BJ, though she vehemently denies doing so or knowing how to do it...I still don't buy it for a second.

The third-to-last person to show up was OneNickelMiracle who had contacted me to let me know he'd be a little late. OneNickelMiracle looks exactly like this actor I saw in a movie once, and trying to figure out who had bothered me all day, and I still have no idea who the actor is.

The second-to-last person to show up, who also let me know he'd be late, was Vendman1.

TeddyS also let me know he would be late and had still not arrived by 1:30p.m., but he called and let me know that he had just pulled into the parking garage, so I asked him if it was okay for us to start heading to the Craps table...the answer to the question is obvious, I think TeddyS might have the most agreeable disposition of anyone I've ever met.

Da' Craps

It was the "Hottest" Craps table I've ever seen in my life. Ever. This was sick.

I arrived at the Craps Table slightly late because Vendman1 had to sign up for a Player's Club card and I decided to walk him over to the counter because I wanted to get a cup of coffee, anyway. I played some crappy paytable Joker Poker game for nickels while he was doing that, and lost $5.00 quicker than I thought possible. Actually, I might have lost half of the $5 I put in there and switched to quarters to either get rid of it or get it back really quick, I don't remember, I was still somewhat delirious until I got about three more cups of coffee in me.

Vendman1 and I approached the Craps Table just as TeddyS got the dice.

OdiousGambit was cool enough to put up $25 for a Craps Challenge by which the person who made the most passes before Sevening-Out (CO winners counted, Craps on the CO did not) would be the winner.

Aside from that, I'll leave everyone else to disclose how much they won or lost or personally played, but I played $5 PL with No Odds on any point except 4/10 and single-odds on those because I wanted to give my $100 a good chance of lasting two-and-a-half hours to 4:00p.m. And it did! The only exceptions to this were that I placed the Six/Eight and I made $1 Crap Checks (will explain later) on my last hand.

TeddyS had a roll of a pretty impressive length, although, he only had two wins during his hand.

The dice went to OdiousGambit who put together a roll in which he also had two wins and tied TeddyS for the lead. I forget the exact number of rolls in OG's hand, but it definitely exceeded fifteen and was less than thirty.

The dice then went to AZDuffman who took the lead in the challenge by having three PL winners, all of them via point numbers, in fact. AZDuffman seemed to work a little bit quicker than OdiousGambit, however, as his roll did not seem to last as long as Vendman1's.

Vendman1 was the next with the dice and he had two Pass Line winners and had the longest turn with the dice to that point, surpassing OdiousGambit. In fact, OneNickelMiracle took Odds for the first time on Vendman1's roll and Vendman1 jokingly asked after making his first point, "Any tips?" That particular point took fourteen rolls to make, so I did give vendman1 a tip, "Do it faster next time." He found that pretty amusing, I think he and I have a pretty similar sense of humor.

I would win the OdiousGambit Craps Challenge on my hand after Vendman1 sevened-out. I proceeded to have a 37 roll hand with three points made, two CO winners and one CO Craps number. Unfortunately, I took down four COME bets during my hand because I was very adept at rolling Crap numbers during this long hand. I think I may have had a Yo or two to make up for it, and the Come Odds certainly did.

My score on that roll was five wins. Another fun note was that I said "Seven" on my first roll and that's what it was. It didn't impress anyone other than the guy across from me (Left side box, boxman's right) because everyone here knows that was a 1:6 shot...besides...I almost always do that on my first roll just because it looks good if I hit it.

OneNickelMiracle would get the dice next and would put together a CO winner as well as a Point Made for two wins in eleven rolls. He had a few repeat numbers in this time which would help the COME w/Odds bettors as he rolled three consecutive Nines during a hand with a Five on either side of that.

The first six of us combined to hold the dice for 65 MINUTES!!! Not only did we do very well, but in addition to that, there were quite a few Place/Buy bettors (not us) with bets all the way across, and they were making some money, as well.

The next four people, who were not related to WoV whatsoever, proceeded to absolutely blow, for a straight up PL bettor, three of the four people lost money and one of the four people would break the PL bettor even.

GWAE was next with the dice, and he had a roll in which he had two point number winners and a CO winner. Mrs. GWAE rolled with similar results.

There was a second table that opened up, and I remember that Wrongway went to that, but I don't recall if he ever rolled at our table or not. He may have had a short hand, at one point, because I do recall going to the bathroom with a PL bet out there and asking AZ to toss the dealers a buck if it won.

The dice went back to TeddyS, who unfortunately went down pretty fast.

OdiousGambit had another turn with the dice, and made a real sporting effort of trying to beat me, he came close with three winners overall.

The dice went back to AZDuffman, who I believe, may have PSO'd almost immediately.

The dice came back to me again, and Vendman1 announced that he got a call and had to leave as the weather was getting worse out his way.

He left and OdiousGambit offered to double the win (assuming I won) to $50 if I could surpass five total winners. At this point, I wanted to make sure that I left the table with more money than I started with because I had been tipping a buck on every single PL winner and every single Place bet winner when I had the dice. For this reason only I ended up making five Crap Check bets on the CO, which never hit. I ended up with four wins, three of them point numbers, during my time on that hand and rolled the dice nineteen times.

Anyway, after the first two PL winners, I went back to placing the six/eight, though I went one hit and down with the eight as soon as that came in for me and ended up losing on the Place Six.

Craps Conclusion

At that point, I was kind of tired, so I asked OdiousGambit to continue to track the OG Challenge and I went to cash out my chips. I also needed a little break from the noise of the Craps game.

Other than the long rolls, another fascinating thing that happened is that there were nine occasions in which the point established was a four or ten, and the point was MADE on eight of those occasions. NICE!!!

Overall, I would have finished Craps with $175, but after $60 in total tips, I cashed out for $115. Actually, now that I think about it, I was tipping the cocktail waitress $2 every time she brought coffee, as well, and I think I drank five cups of coffee at the table, so I'd have actually won $85 for $185, but tipped $70.

Again, I'm not going to get into specific individual results, but only including the WoV crew (from my results and asking everyone) we won a combined $2,600-$3,200 at the Craps Table.



After cashing out at Craps, I went to the restroom and kind of meandered for a little bit. I left the Craps Table at 3:40 having played for two hours and we were scheduled to re-convene at 4:00 to work on the High Limit Slot Pool. I played a Deuces Wild game for nickels, but bumped it up to dimes after I was down $2.50 and got my money back. I left that machine even.

I went back to the Craps Table and called "Last hand," to let everyone know it was time to work on the high limit slot pool and then dinner. I also gathered Mrs. Wrongway who was playing Blackjack at the time.

Everyone went to the cage and cashed out and then we went to organize the shares for the High Limit Slot Pool. We came up with $375 for fifteen total shares, and I bought 1/5 of one of OneNickelMiracle's shares for $5.00.

The first machine I played was some top dollar machine for $125 of the pool which everyone encouraged me to play. I believe I was playing for $5 spin and that money was lost almost immediately.

OdiousGambit played his $10 Free Play on two hands of $1 VP which both lost, and he was chosen to play the high-limit pool on some multi-line Progressive machine I forget the name of, it was a must-hit Progressive, but it was not in good territory. OdiousGambit lost the $250, but he took awhile about it, so we at least got a little time value. He should get some good offers in the mail, Meadows will think he's a straight baller, he'd actually literally never played slots before that...I believe he said...that's why he was chosen!

The Meadows kindly provided four of us a shuttle to DoubleTree while GWAE/Mrs.GWAE, OdiousGambit, Wrongway/Mrs. Wrongway all drove over there.

DoubleTree had a very nice table set up for us and fully prepared with all of the utensils and water already in the water glasses. The first thing that we did was all order out drinks, I had a Stella Artois draft to start and then switched to coffee. I said "I'm not really good at making speeches, so I'm just going to say, 'I propose a toast,' and leave it at that. So, yeah, I'm proposing a toast."

OdiousGambit then presented me with one of the greatest gifts ever as appreciation for setting up the event, a bottle of Absolut Vodka!!!

I don't believe I'd ever tried Absolut before (rarely drink vodka, and has been Grey Goose or Smirnoff in the rare event) but I think it's terrific and better than Grey Goose!

I digress.

The waitress then came around and got our food orders, after which I passed around the WoV Trivia Quiz (will post questions in a following post in this thread) for everyone to fill out. Everyone completed the test and passed it to the person to their right for grading, I read the questions and answers, and OneNickelMiracle and TeddyS combined for 13/20 correct to participate in the tie-breaker.

The tie-breaker format was Craps up on the stage in the restaurant. The dice had to hit the wall and each person was given a pair of dice, the object was to establish and make a point as quickly as possible with CO winners not counting and Seven-Out meaning you had to start over. The tie-breaker ended with little tension as TeddyS immediately rolled back-to-back sixes. OneNickelMiracle rolled a ten and followed it up with I forget what.

OneNickelMiracle was second place and got to keep the Wheeling Island Hotel, Casino, Racetrack dice as well as a deck of Wheeling Island cards.

TeddyS was the winner and received Wheeling Island cards & dice as well, but he also got a cup collection with a Wheeling Island coffee mug, a Wheeling Island shot glass and a Wheeling Island champagne flute!

After some discussion, it was unanimous that we will choose The Meadows as our location for the next get-together unless it is outvoted by people who were not at this one, which is interesting, because at the beginning of the day we were extoling the virtues of having it at a different casino every time!

The Craps crew was great, though, we had a great time. I fist-bumped them all before we left. The pit supervisor, during my first roll, I perceived as staring daggers into me. Vendman1 says he didn't perceive that and AZDuffman agrees with me. I still have to ask OneNickelMiracle, who was standing to my left.

I hope OneNickel exchanged phone numbers with this girl who was there playing Craps, she was totally into him, and she was cute.

The food at the DoubleTree received mixed reviews, even though I thought everything was great. The most frequent thing was that everyone seemed to think the food was more well done than they would have liked, but I order everything well done if ordering from the menu, so I'd have considered it a positive.

I had the Angus Burger with Cheddar, caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, tomato and lettuce with no ketchup/mustard or mayo. I also had the fries and the House's homemade potato chips come with the burger.

The Executive Chef at DoubleTree is an excellent saleswoman!!! We went from 0 of us getting dessert to ALL of us getting dessert. Three people got the cheesecake, five people got the chocolate lava cake and OneNickelMiracle got apple pie, and the chef whispered to me "Apple pie is for sissies."


OneNickelMiracle asked me what she whispered and I said "That you are very handsome," but I told him what she actually said later.

TeddyS was determined to out-tip me and he did so by percentage, but not dollar amount. $20 to $23.67, but 94.96% to 88.46%.

Four of us shuttled back to the Meadows (OneNickelMiracle, AZDuffman and TeddyS were the others) and I have no idea what happened after that. After exchanging goodbyes with everyone at the restaurant I had to leave because I wanted to stop and get my wife cigarettes and make it home before the kids went to bed.

That was the trip for me, the ride home was much better. It pretty much only decided to snow just before me having to leave and on the way there. I remarked to OdiousGambit and a few others during the meet & greet, after looking out the window "Now, it decides to stop."

Great trip, great time!!! See you guys in September, though I'll see a few of you (at least a few) before that!!!

***I've already done 10 push-ups for each Crap Check.
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Did I show up? I guess not..
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Quote: EvenBob

Did I show up? I guess not..

If so, you certainly should have said hi.
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Where I come from, west of Pittsburgh is squarely Midwest, not East!
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Seems like ONM is a bit of a ladies man. No doubt the chef was flirting with him, or she was flirting with you Mission :)

Great report, hopefully I will be able to attend the Vegas September get together. Really looking forward to it!
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Quote: Ibeatyouraces

The Midwest should be the Nevada/Utah area.

Damn that Louisiana Purchase
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The WoV East Trivia Challenge questions were as follows, if you can beat 13/20, then you would have won. I'll post the questions now and the answers in a few days.:

(I'd already printed everything out when I realized I had made two mistakes in the way I phrased stuff, so I corrected them verbally and will correct them below the question.)

1.) In chronological order using “1” for earliest and “5” for most recent, identify the order that the following states legalized Table Games:
A.) Indiana ____
B.) Ohio ____
C.) West Virginia ____
D.) New Jersey ____
E.) Pennsylvania ____

2.) In what year were slot machines legalized at West Virginia’s four racetracks?

A.) 1997
B.) 1994
C.) 1988
D.) 2014
E.) 1786

3.) Casinos in the State of West Virginia are required to have a racetrack for either dogs or horses (or be a private resort): How many casinos are in the State of West Virginia, how many have horse racing and how many have dog racing?***

***The intention of this question was how many casinos discluding those that are private resorts, so I allowed two answers to be correct as there is currently one private resort.

Casinos: ___________
Dogs: ___________
Horses: ___________

4.) True or False: Wheeling Island Hotel, Casino, Racetrack is the only public building in Ohio County, West Virginia in which smoking is allowed:

5.) Year-Over-Year revenue, according to David Mckee’s Stiffs and Georges was down at Hollywood Columbus, Horseshoe Cleveland, Hollywood Toledo and Scioto Downs Racino. However, one listed property was down only by 4% and performed the best, which was it?

6.) Who is the parent company (i.e. corporate owner) of the answer to Question #5?

7.) Meadows Casino is owned by a company who owns and operates two Las Vegas Casinos, which casinos are they?

A.) Gold Strike & Railroad Pass
B.) Cannery and Eastside Cannery
C.) Sam’s Town and Red Rock
D.) Suncoast and Gold Coast

8.) The parent company of Mountaineer Resort once owned what Downtown Vegas casino?

A.) The D (as Fitzgerald’s)
B.) Golden Gate (as Nevada Hotel)
C.) Glitter Gulch (as Golden Goose Casino)
D.) Fremont
E.) Binion’s
F.) Four Queens

9.) What Pennsylvania casino is owned by the parent company of Mountaineer Resort?

10.) What was the first casino to open in the State of Ohio?

11.) The parent company of what West Virginia casino operates nearly fifty times more free-standing retail stores than it does casinos?

12.) What is the name of the company from question 11?

13.) What is the maximum number of gaming machines a West Virginia “Slot Parlor,” may have?

14.) In your head, how many individual numbers would one have to cover in Roulette to have a 71.1% chance of having a winning number in a single spin?

15.) In your head, if you make a $23 Pass Line bet on Craps on a Table allowing for 5x Odds, establish a Point, Make the Point and profit a total of $195.50, name either of the numbers that the Point Number could have been, assuming full odds were taken.

16.) With four cards in Let It Ride, would you let it ride if your cards were 9-8-7-6, not suited?

17.) For the player to have made the proper play to end up in the scenario in Question 16 in the first place, how many of the cards in the hand 9-8-7-6 must be of the same suit and which specific cards (if any) must be of the same suit?***

***I verbally specified that, assuming the player Let It Ride after seeing three cards, what would he have to have. Of course he is still in the hand, either way, as there is no folding in LiR.

18.) Wizard once hosted Gambling with an Edge, who is the only person to have hosted the show from the beginning to currently?

19.) What is the worst Three Card Poker hand on which the player should still Raise, absent information he wouldn’t normally have?

20.) Which is the better bet: Betting a single number at single-zero Roulette (without the imprisonment “European” rule) or betting the Field at Craps assuming either Snake Eyes or Midnight pays 3:1?
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I believe I got 9 right. I'm pretty confident about my answers so even though I don't have the officialy answers yet, I believe 9 it is for me :)
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