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^^^^ Excellent response, imo.
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Quote: tringlomane

^^^^ Excellent response, imo.

I don't know who you are complimenting.

Based on research that concluded in 1987, the term "democide" became popular to describe mass deaths like those that occurred under the "three bitter years" as a result of Mao's great leap forward.

The increase in death rate in urban areas was about half the increase in rural areas. Fuyang, a region in Anhui with a population of 8 million in 1958, had a death rate that rivaled Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge; more than 2.4 million people perished there over three years.

The "three bitter years" certainly surpassed by more than a dozen times the death toll of Western Europe in WWII.

The term "genocide" coined in 1944 does not seem appropriate. But the term "natural disaster" is also considered a cop out.
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Bill Walton just described the Texas Washington NCAA game being played in China as the next "Great Leap Forward". Twice
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