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Saw one today that really made me chuckle.

"Wife missing.

No reward.

You keep her".


Unfortunately just a few feet away was a rather disturbing situation. Older gentleman standing, and looking very worn out and exhausted. His sign read,
"76 years old. Very sick. Desperate. Please help".

This confuses me. If a 76 year old isn't eligle for social security, I guess because they didn't pay enough in, isn't there some program, SSI or something for those truly elderly and needy with no other options?
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he may have all those programs... and just likes to have the extra income that begging brings.
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Quote: kewlj

This confuses me. If a 76 year old isn't eligle for social security,

If he's on SS, Medicare isn't free, they deduct it from
his check every month. Lots of people don't know that,
they think its a freebie. Its not. You can opt out of the
payment but then you have crap coverage. If you go
to the hospital its covered, but your visit to your doctor

"Part A is paid for by a portion of Social Security tax. It helps pay for inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing care, hospice care and other services."

'Part B is paid for by the monthly premiums of people enrolled and by general funds from the U.S. Treasury. It helps pay for doctors' fees, outpatient hospital visits, and other medical services and supplies that are not covered by Part A."
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Sign held by a guy known for his cleaver signs that change frequently.

"Signs discontinued. Follow me on Twitter."
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