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Quote: s2dbaker

The Venetian reeks of gardinias, Wynn smells loke a brothel (I was in one once and Wynn smelled like that). Bellagio also does it but the scent is more subtle. I don't know for certain if those casinos scent the air, I can't prove it, but my nose objects to the Venetian the most.

Really? I'm going to have to pay more attention next time. The smells at those casinos must be relatively faint because I can't recall anything overpowering like Downtown. Oh well, I'll report back after I sniff out the Strip (haha).
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I think most strip resorts have a signature smell. My favorite casino smell is Pala in SoCal.
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Quote: bigfoot66

I think most strip resorts have a signature smell. My favorite casino smell is Pala in SoCal.

Your smell is probably quite sensitive then. I only have the one, and no one has mentioned the casino yet.

And Wynn smells like a brothel, s2d? lol
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So whatever happened to this thread? I thought it had a long and interesting life to live, but it seemed to fizzle a month ago.

I'll try to get it restarted with a card from Colorado. I have visited the Century Casino in Central City just one time, and I don't expect I'll ever get back. The only reason I picked up a player's club card was that my wife and I were going to have lunch in their Mid City Grill, and they give a nice discount on some of their specials if you show your card.

Some day I expect I'll post an image of the $1 chip I got in their casino, whenever rdw4potus gets to Colorado in the Casino Chip of the Day thread. It's been quite a while since my last chip post in that thread -- he's been posting chips from Wisconsin lately, and I've never been to a casino there.
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Max, Las Vegas, NV

Formerly The Casuarina, Max would seem to be a shoutout to the Maxim which preceded The Casuarina. The place feels the same as the last time I visited but they are now promoting their new name. I was going to say that the MAXimizing their promotion materials is gimmicky but then I remembered, Las Vegas, duh!
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