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Ion Saliu's note 2008
Why was "The Wizard of Odds" first so enthusiastic with my gambling mathematics and theory? Why did Lizard of Odds turned 180 degrees and deleted my website from his hotlinks? Why is he so scared that doesn't even mention my name or theories anywhere?
Remember, he is a casino consultant, on the payroll of the casinos! (Incidentally, at that time, Mike Shackleford, the self-proclaimed Wizard of Odds, was also working for the U.S. Social Security Administration.) It was the casino executives who requested that Lizard dropped my web site from his hot links. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) that I discovered and made available to gamblers is the most frightening opponent to the casinos. FFG is public enemy number one! Don't even mention it! Don't let many gamblers know about it!
That's the main reason why "Wizard of Odds" made an about-face. FFG is public enemy number one, as far as the casinos are concerned.

Posted by Chip ( on July 22, 2000

In Reply to: The Wizard of Odds: Phony Gambling Author Paid by Casinos posted by Ion Saliu on July 22, 2000.
Chip : I already know a guy nick-named Wizard of Odds. His nickname is valid only in so far as related to mysticism. I think his correct nickname should be "Lizard of Odds": His odds-related knowledge belongs to the dinosaurs’ era! He visited my website in 1998. He was so impressed that he included my page on Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) in his Hot Links, or something like that.
Despite all the evidence I have supplied I continue to get challenges via e-mail from people who believe their gambling system is the excemption to the rule and really does work. In mathematics rules do not have excemptions, if they did they wouldn't be a rule in the first place. Those with these claims always ask that I write a simulation program to prove their claim. I am not about to write free gambling programs to every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a casino betting system. If you still are a true believer then pay me $1000 and I will write an honest program to test any reasonable betting system. In the event that your gambling system does show a profit over millions of bets not only will I refund your money but I will publicly proclaim on my main page I was wrong and give you full credit for disproving every respectable book on probability ever written.
Boy this gets easier and easier. First thank you all for all of your e mails. I am truly humbled. Seems old ION isn't quite the hot shot he thinks. So let's set him up! You will not see me refer to Powerplay as a "system" as you refer to yours. I encourage all reading this to go to and reiterate Senior ION's tripe above. NONSENSE is preciously what your comments are. Mike Shakleford will eat you up and spit you out. Please folks, contact him and pressure ION the magnificent to submit the $1,000 for the gambling challenge. He sure wiggled good didn't he.

Let's go to another part of Mike's gambling site. Here is a question and his reply:

Q: Your analysis of various side bets like Streak, Pair Square and others was very interesting. Do you know how these new games get invented and established? Do the casinos employ guys like you to compute the probabilities? If so, are the games copyrighted in some way? Thanks. – Bob Pierce of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

A: I could talk about this all day. Part of my income is derived from analyzing games such as these. The gaming authorities require such analysis before a game can be licensed to play. Usually these games are invented by an individual or are owned by a gaming company. After the casino game owner receives a license it must go through a 30-day trial period. If the trial period went well the owner can then apply for a permanent license. The entire process is very slow and it is difficult to get a casino to be the guinea pig for the trial period. Casinos are actually quite risk averse in their business decisions. Yes, the game owner will usually seek a copyright to protect others from stealing the idea. Click here to learn more about my consulting services.
Now let's see. I(r)ON(head)is name calling a mathematical genius who is paid for analyzing games of chance. But, he is afraid of a $50 snake oil salesman. But wait let's go another step, on Mike's site. Ok ION, read it and start your bs meter running:
If you don't believe me here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica says under the subject of gambling:
"A common gamblers' fallacy called 'the doctrine of the maturity of the chances' (or 'Monte Carlo fallacy') falsely assumes that each play in a game of chance is not independent of the others and that a series of outcomes of one sort should be balanced in the short run by other possibilities. A number of 'systems' have been invented by gamblers based largely on this fallacy; casino operators are happy to encourage the use of such systems and to exploit any gambler's neglect of the strict rules of probability and independent plays."
Ok now notice the word gambling system and how it is in quotes. Who uses that word to promote, what a bargain, $50 system(s)? BTW, I think you might have to go to my last reply under the challenge, and explain how you are not going to cause the game of roulette to shut down.
How about 1 more, just for laughs. In this corner ION Saliu. His opponent, originally from Germany, Albert Einstein. Yes that's right, old Al said it is impossible to ever beat a fair game of roulette in the long run. So who are you going to bet on ladies and gentleman. As for me, I'll take Einstein and lay the points.
Ion, you are in over your head. You shoot off your mouth and anyone who is knowledgeable about gambling in any serious manner can see that you are indeed a fool. I have been around for years and I'm still here. Your big thing is "Chip's afraid to play me.." Each time you harp on that you make a bigger moron out of yourself than the last time. Get a hold of some scholarly work on the subject of gambling, like Thorp's The Mathematics of Gambling, or something by Peter Griffin. Research gambling strategies like the Kelly Criterion. Your shtick is played out and boring. You are an adolescent trying to rebel against authority. So as I close, I expect you'll have a retort and make a bigger fool out of yourself. My playing partner, Playbig 2000, has been falling down laughing at you from the start.
He was a member of Ken Uston's card counting blackjack teams in the 80's. I guess you want to challenge (yawn) him too. If you do, give him some time. He needs to finish unpacking at his new house, bought with money won playing baccarat. Thank you Bally's on behalf of Playbig gambling strategy. He has been contemplating posting here too. Don't forget to send in your $50 folks!!
Set up complete,
Ion Saliu's note
But why does Wizard of Odds beg his website visitors to buy his "winning gambling systems"? Actually, even his "name" "The Wizard of Odds" is stolen from a 1970's TV show! Doesn't he say first that there is no winning gambling systems? That all gambling systems fail? If that's not schizophrenia, I don't know what is … Chip as well: No gambling system can win yet his gambling systems won big at blackjack and baccarat and roulette!!
Why didn't you put "Don't gamble, you never win!" as the headline of your famous “New York Times” advertisement for Powerplay roulette system? Secondly, after making the case on “gambler's fallacy”, how can you still claim you are ahead $20,000 at baccarat? (By the way, is that enough for the house your partner just bought?) And why do you still keep your name secret, since you'll be losing anyway?
I wouldn't give "The Wizard of Odds" a dime, even I were facing the firing squad. Even his name is stolen from a 1970's TV show!!! Pay him $1,000 to test my system??? That is, give my gambling systems away??? Are you nuts? And — to whom? To a gambling “authority” who never heard of the probability formula of M successes in N trials? An "authority" who sustains that tossing 200 heads in a row has the same chance as getting one heads? Indeed, the probability p of an event is always the same. But there is another fundamental parameter of probability theory: the degree of certainty DC. The degree of certainty always increases with the increase in the number of trials N.
There are losing streaks and there are winning streaks — that's mathematics. The casinos and many gambling authors, however, grossly disregard probability theory. They established a "law" that "assures" very long losing streaks for the player — but never for the gambling establishment. Don't give me that bull — the gambler's fallacy! If there is honesty, things should closely resemble the calculations of my probability software Streaks.EXE. There should be also a reversed gambler's fallacy, Lady Chance says — but Wizard of Odds curses when he hears that!
Here is the message "The Wizard of Odds" (Lizard of odds is more accurate) sent to me on Sun 15 Nov 1998:
"Hi Ion:
You have a very interesting, unique, and informative page and I would be honored to include it on my hotlist. I was especially interested in your comments on internet casinos and your assertion that the probability of winning is negatively correlated with bet size. People ask me all the time about this all the time, and others tell me what you just did based on their own experience. I think it would be a very worthwhile project to write up your research in this area, it is something that numerous people want to know. This is the sort of thing that should merit grant money. If this interests you and you would like an independent evaluation of the evidence I would be willing to volunteer. I'm familiar with hypothesis testing and the statistical methods to test whatever your results are...
Take care,
Remember when a guy named Chip literally took my message board by storm in 2000? He was a nuisance, to put it mildly. He's been a big nuisance all over the Internet, in several roulette and gambling forums. At one point, in 2000, he threatened me with adverse legal action! Then he charmed me in 2002. He informed me that some guy was shouting in a casino that he was Ion Saliu and was willing to sell the Ion Saliu casino gambling systems! True to my word, I reward people who send me worthy information. I rewarded Chip with roulette freeware. I received the other day a message from UK, from a person who claims to be the real author of the Powerplay roulette system. The Power Play roulette system generated the fire between Chip and I. The probability is reasonably high that the author of the following message is truthful. His information corroborates with the information I have. We had not known each other before.
It isn't rocket science, but it ain't paranoia, either. We can detect sooner rather than later the true character and intentions of another person towards us. And a dose of suspicion is always healthy. I've had first hand experiences. That's why I treated Chip the way I did.
Hello Ion, 
I have just stumbled on to an old page of your bulletin board (July 20th, 2000). 
Just to set the record straight: 
It would appear "Chip" claims to be the originator of "Powerplay Roulette". He didn't - I did. He had no right to market my method as I rescinded permission in 1994 (I parted company with Mr "Chip", there were lots of issues). 
All copyrights for the method are registered to me and held by my lawyer in New Jersey. 
I stayed with "Chip" for 5 months in 1993-94. At that time, everything he knew about roulette he learned from me. In spring 1994 the price for Powerplay was $2000. What "Chip" charged for it after I left to return to England, I have no idea. He had no right to sell it anyway.
"Chip's" real name is Frank Accardi, from Staten Island. He is self-opinionated and arrogant, and dishonest, and stupid. He makes claims that "Powerplay" is "his" system. He has never had an original though in his life and tries to make out he is an authority on roulette, blackjack etc. to obtain things for nothing. And in his arrogance he didn't even bother to change my original name "Powerplay" to something else.
Mr Accardi is a felon who has been charged with Grand Larceny in Staten Island (Richmond County District).
Go to: to find out more. 
It's obvious now he cheated me exactly as he cheated those kids. Not much a man really. 
Just thought you'd be interested to know. 
Best regards, 
Andrew Rogers (The original "Mr A" who worked with Jerry Patterson)
•• And now my corroborating part of the deal. 
In December of 2000, I received a non-pleasantly looking package postmarked Staten Island, NY, Nov. 30, 2000. I wanted to discard of it. The postmaster said it was OK for me to open the big envelope. Such a big envelope requires that the sender come to the counter with a valid ID. Otherwise, the postal service might as well discard of such packages. The sender's address reads 30 Azalea Ct, S.I., N.Y. 10309. The name of the sender is just this: Accardi. In my opinion, it was undoubtedly handwritten by an American female. The correspondence was from...Chip! The first page is typed in very large, bolded characters: "THINK LONG AND HARD. I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU!!!" Signed: Chip (longhand). He still didn't want me to know his real name! He played the gender card to confuse me. Since I doubted he would ever use a real name, and since the package was sent by a...female, the probability was high that I would not believe that Accardi was a real name! I didn't believe it! Still—to my best recollection—I filed a complaint with the postal service soon thereafter. (Read also: • Only Cyber Sports Betting May Be Fair.) The correspondence was a childish legal threat, consisting of forged legal documents.
One document was a forgery of a ruling of Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Richmond, Trial Part 9, Calendar No.: 5699, Index No.: 12870/98. Chip (AOL username Chip Casher) blacked out the names of the plaintiffs; the “against” section reads Louis Argenziano and Louise Uccio, defendants. The forged document pertains to a defamation case.
The forged document from the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey is pertinent to this case: (plaintiff's name blacked out by AOL user Chip Casher) v. Jerry Patterson, Jerry Patterson Enterprises, and Eric Nielsen. It is a copyright infringement case. The names of the defendants refer directly to one of the names used by Andrew Rogers in his email message to me: Jerry Patterson. The forged document only shows a name at the top: Andrews, 6, 1. The number of the civil action was also blacked out by Chip. Further Internet searching discovered a gambling instruction company in Nevada: Jerry Patterson Enterprises, Inc. It appears to be the venture of Jerry Patterson author of several gambling books (blackjack, craps, dice setting and dice control (?)).
I have never had any relation to either legal case!
Here is an excerpt from the public record concerning Frank Accardi, a.k.a. (Chip).

25 Broadway, 8th floor, New York, New York 10004 
Telephone: (212) 510-1400
News Release 
August 8, 2001
Home Instruction Teacher Cheats Children Out of an Education and the BOE Out of Money
Edward F. Stancik, Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District, today released the results of his investigation regarding fraud committed by fifty- four year old Frank Accardi, a Home Instruction Teacher, in District 31 in Staten Island. Home Instructors teach students who are unable to attend school, individually either in the child's home or another facility.
Accardi was paid $55,023 for the 2000/2001 school year, much of it for “providing” home instruction that ever took place. According to Special Commissioner Stancik, instead of working his required six-and-a-half hour days, Accardi often spent time at home or at “Grandma's Bagels,” a store in which he had an ownership interest. SCI investigators followed Accardi and recorded the teacher on video behind the counter at his bagel store at times he was supposed to be teaching children. Accardi falsified instruction records to further his scheme. “
Chip himself corroborates. He is maniacally present in many forums, including this one:
"Chip - Do you work for the government?? 
"I do for a city government as a matter of fact. I also can show you I play plenty in the casino and for high stakes and provide IRS records as reported income.ZIIIP! 
More corroborating facts provided by Frankie "Call-Me-Chippy" Accardi himself. He offers some details about Mr. A and Powerplay.
"Folks here¢s the deal. Mr. A is Colin Andrews, Chips' real name. What is he up to?
Wheel and Deal"
"It seems that when Mr. A had translated the system (consisting of betting patterns documented in a "Black Book") from the European single-zero wheel to the American double-zero wheel, he had done it backwards - the Black Book did not truly represent the system on the American wheel. But ERN cracked the code, found the error and made the corrections.
Now Mr. A, in the meantime, was wondering why the teams were not winning and no royalties were coming his way and decided to disclose his ultimate method to us. And to make sure no mistakes were made this time, I financed the production of a homemade video tape in which Mr A described the method in enough detail for us learn and to quickly implement it in casino play.
••• Very important! I do NOT endorse Powerplay or any other gambling system! I don't know anything about the system itself. I only found some info on the Internet concerning systems named Powerplay, applicable to roulette, Craps and baccarat. The system was present in various places, such as Bahamas, USA, Canada, UK, Australia. I saw a Canadian gambling site trying to sell it for $199 (roulette) $699 (craps) and $999 (for baccarat)! Gravely expensive, I might add, since Powerplay was offered for free at other web sites! I saw also offers to trade Powerplay for other gambling systems! (That's illegal!)
According to Chip, the Power Play Roulette system sold for some $5,000. If so, then my Super Roulette Strategy must be worth at least $50,000! No exaggeration! But it's free, believe it or not! Read the Super Roulette Strategy page. Power Play Roulette system and my Super Roulette Strategy are pirated. They are offered for free, or swapped freely amongst pirates!
I do trust, in complete honesty, my systems, however. I extended to Mr A. (real name Eric Nielsen?) the same invitation I extended to Chip and any gambling system author. Let's play side by side, in any casinos, and see whose system is the most successful. Wanna bet? Nobody has dared to take the challenge. So far...
Read who exactly Chip is in this legal document filed by Edward F. Stancik, Special Commissioner Of Investigation for the New York City School District, August 8, 2001: Frank Accardi, SCI Case #2001-0279.
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I did read carefully to the end. Sat here dazzled and lost. Then suddenly I figured it out.

Today must be April 1 on the Mayan calender !
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Whats your point? Ion Saliu is a crackpot, we know that
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Bob, surely you can not argue with his logic ?

" THE PAST does COUNT! If you play a lottery number (say 123 Straight)today and the chance is 1/1000 of your number being drawn, and you lose your bet, then tomorrow the chance for 123 Straight to be drawn will increase. The chance is no longer 1/1000."
Shed not for her the bitter tear Nor give the heart to vain regret Tis but the casket that lies here, The gem that filled it Sparkles yet
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Quote: Buzzard

Bob, surely you can not argue with his logic ?

Read this:

Synopsis of Lotto Charlatan Ion Saliu
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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From your experience,what do you think is easier to happen: flip a coin 5 times and all outcomes heads or to come 1 heads out of 5?? The same goes with roulette,if you want just 1 red out of 5 spins,wouldn't that be easier than expecting 5 reds out of 5 spins?!!?
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March 22nd, 2013 at 3:13:57 PM permalink
Wow, I read the first half of the text and then got really bored and confused. What a waste of 5 minutes I'll never get back. I should file a lawsuit against the OP for this.

I am an employee of a Casino. Former Table Games Director,, current Pit Supervisor. All the personal opinions I post are my own and do not represent the opinions of the Casino or Tribe that I work for.
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Quote: BlueAngel

wouldn't that be easier than expecting 5 reds out of 5 spins?!!?

Can you prove mathematically that its easier? I don't
think so..
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"Chip Casher."

I remember that guy from way back.

He was real vocal til internet sleuths exposed his identity, then he disappeared.

I'd hoped he was sleeping with the fishes.

Dang it.
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"PLEASE READ CAREFULY TO THE END!" is English for "Long, boring rant follows."
Donald Trump is a fucking criminal

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