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Quote: thecesspit

Quote: Virgi

Here's a syndicated columnist who says we made a big mistake in killing OBL. His article today is "OSAMA BIN LADEN'S ULTIMATE VICTORY"

Ted Rall is an atheist and writes some cartoons dealing with these views.[6]

Like this is some sort of surprise. He's also 47 without family, he lives in Massachusetts, and I'll bet to those who know him he's just a little bit weird....

As weird as a man who creates sock puppets continually on a website? We've had one of those around here. What do you think of people like that?

Anyways, I thought y'all wanted him kept alive so you could watch him die? Make yer mind up...

I don't know what a "sock puppet" is.

You mean we wanted OBL kept alive so we could watch him die? Or Ted Rall?
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A sock puppet is a sock dressed up with buttons and thread to make a poor facsimile of a person and used by children to entertain themselves. Or by adults to entertain children.

You. Or at least video of him burning on a pile of Koran's.

No idea what Ted Rall wants, except for the resignation of Obama from a quick peek around. I could cut and paste it from wikipedia as well if you wanted.
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Story in Washington Post: Al Qaeda confirms Bin Laden dead. That is enough proof for me. I don't need to see the picture now.
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