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In response to the discussion in the Thread "Heaven on Earth" I wanted to post this. I figure this better be in the Free Speech zone!

The below is making the rounds. Someone who keeps sending me Right Wing ranting pasted a similar thing in text to me in an email. I look at most of his stuff and think, "dude, quit sending me this crap", but when I came to this one it gave me pause. Yes, some of it is over the top, especially the bits getting added at the end in italics. Yes, I bet the author of the book quoted is miffed at some misquotes. But you know what, I very much think there is something to this.


BTW, I am no Women's Lib guy, but it has occurred to me that Women's Rights are one of the best foils we have against this as a "system of life". I noticed long ago that the potential of this religion growing in the Black Community due to the attraction of Islam to many Af/Amer. men is coming up hard against the resistance to it by the women.

BTW II, searching the internet for "the response to Islam Explained in Layman's Terms" produces nothing that is exactly that.
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I've seen it, and I agree.
It is an absolute crusade by a group to globally institute an abolutely backward, assinine, medieval and oppressive system of life, so what if it sounds politically incorrect. If we dismiss this threat to be politically correct, we might be living on our knees in the Future. See the current state of France, Sweden, India, Thailand's south and England today. It will not get better for them, just worse.

My first wife was an ex-muslim from Morocco, and just completely jetisoned the religious dogma.

She laughed about the utterly ludicrous concept of "72 Virgins" being awarded to bloodthirsty killers, with the comment, "What if they wanted a freak who could S**k a mean d**k? Can Allah pimp that for them? WHAT RELIGION is THIS from? Oh! Mine! Well, not anymore!"

This was the extent of her discussing her departure from Islam.
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