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recently the plaza upgraded their video poker inventory and put in over 99% games everywhere. One thing to note is the bar in the table games side of the casino in the center. I was getting a drink there recently and found 9/6 jacks, 9/6 bpd, 9/7 db, airport deuces. I find it awesome that a bar actually has decent games. Most of the time the best paying games are usually in a corner somewhere, on the path not traveled by cocktail waitresses. This is a big difference from CET properties that offer 7/5 bpd, 12/10/4/4 dw, 6/5 bp, etc.

Warning: the bar close to the sportsbook has awful vp. Both bars offer a 7/5 ddb progressive on the royal, sf, 4 AWAK, 4 aces, 4 low 4oaks, and generic 4oaks i believe.

Just wanted to give a heads up to places that upgrade their video poker offerings, especially in high margin areas like at the bar.
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