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This thread is to be used to discuss restaurants and dining available at Golden Gate.
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If they still have it, get the 99cent shrimp cocktail. A great value.

Don't eat in the cafe. I wouldn't have, but they gave me a comp ticket for it, and I still felt like I overpaid.
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The price of the shrimp cocktail is now up to $1.99 for everyone. No longer can you get it for $0.99 with a player's club card.

It's not bad in a "might as well try it since you're here" way. It's a bunch of mini shrimp in a tulip-like root beer float glass, topped with cocktail sauce. They give you crackers, which actually works OK to pad it in your stomach.

Not sure what else to say. Give it a shot, or two.. seems like a lot of people buy 2-3 at a time.
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I'll second the recommendation. I think it is better than a "might as well try it." It is a great deal, in my opinion. The shrimp is big, and fresh, and better than the frozen stuff you get at the grocery store. I like the cocktail sauce, too.

I also like the deli, but more for sentimental reasons. One time I was playing downtown and went absolutely broke -- not a cent to be had on me. I hadn't eaten, and the only "cash" I had was a couple dollars of comp on my Golden Gate Club 1906 card. So I got a bowl of the navy bean soup. Best bowl of soup I've ever had in my life :)

Another good food recommendation, but not listed in the casino list, is the deep fried Oreos, Twinkies, and Nathan's Hot Dogs across the street at Mermaid's.
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$1.99 gets you cocktail shrimp, $2.99 gets you the big shrimp. Sometimes there's a piano player. Always there are hot babes dancing in the pit. Best party pit downtown.
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Quote: teddys

Another good food recommendation, but not listed in the casino list, is the deep fried Oreos, Twinkies, and Nathan's Hot Dogs across the street at Mermaid's.

Just make sure your health insurance is paid, and bring along a defibrillator :P
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As of 11-13 they give a free shrimp cocktail for new player's club sign-ups. They don't have the deli anymore, but you get the shrimp cocktail in the coffee shop-- just hand the server your coupon, no need to get a table. Frankly, I liked the place better before the renovation. The place had a lot of charm. And about 8 years ago they had SD 3:2 blackjack where the dealers had to peek (no reader) to see if they had a 10 under. That's the last manual peek store that I can recall.

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