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July 16th, 2011 at 7:52:21 PM permalink
I was in Las Vegas last week, and although the trip did not end financially as well as I was hoping, I found a jewel in the desert of bad games and bad gaming options.

Cosmopolitan was truly one of the friendliest casinos I have played at. I read about the automatic upgrade on the player's card and decided to go to the club in a hurry. Upon entering, I was taken aback by the beautiful surroundings. It felt Asian in places and very chic. I found the player's club after a bit and asked an attendant near the end of the line. She explained that the promotion of auto-upgrades was still in place. I pulled out my Diamond card, and was assisted by the next available associate.

I'm going to specify the associate was Lisa "Pizza." I work in customer service, and I find that even in the casino industry it's difficult to find somebody who goes above and beyond to make you feel good. Lisa was SUPERB, taking the time to explain all the benefits. When she didn't know something, she offered to find the answer. When I asked about the poker room, she fully admitted it wasn't the same, but there was 3-card poker on the floor. This is INCREDIBLY nice, as I think that some people who work in a casino don't know the difference between the two.

After walking the floor and using my slot play (not available on VP, dang), I found a new Spanish 21 table opening up. The first dealer was okay, friendly, but not exceedingly so. The second dealer, "Tina," was from Indiana and dealt at a casino I had been to. I didn't recognize her, but she was INCREDIBLY friendly as well. It was fun to talk about the players at that casino; she nearly agreed with me about all the observations. I ended up winning on that trip, and spent a lot of time just chatting with her.

The next time I went in, I played BJ. The rules were standard rules for $10 tables, but again, the dealers were fantastic. I switched to Spanish where I went on the nastiest run I've seen in a long time. Nonetheless, the dealers ran a great game and were very consoling.

I hope to receive some offers from Cosmopolitan, because I would go back just to stay and play there. Caesars be damned! A new competitor could kick you soon.
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Yeah, it's a pretty cool place. I loved the pool with all the ping pong and pool tables outside, as well as no shortage of TV's making it a really neat place to hang out. The decor is in a class all on it's own. Even the valet was the nicest I had ever seen!
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A friend of a friend is a dealer there. From what I heard, personality was the biggest factor they were looking for in hiring.
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Will the auto-upgrade work with a Harrah's Platinum card?
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