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According to the Wiz's craps page, this casino has two bets with exactly a 0% house edge. Buying the 4/10 and the field bet. It's a rather small casino, only 21 tables and 1k slots... but I'm wondering if anyone here has experience there and if it's as good as it seems.

Edit: They advertise 10x odds and the free buy on the 4/10. Nothing about the field bet.
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Never been there. Just went to look at the web site now.
I was struck by the unusually high number of roulette tables and the fact that there is both a single zero wheel and a double zero wheel. Seems to have a fairly high number of blackjack tables for its size too.

Slot Machines - 1,458 total
Dollar Slots
Five Dollar Slots
Half Dollar Slots
Nickel Slots
Quarter Slots

Table and Poker Games - 42 total
3 Card Poker, 1 table
Blackjack, 18 tables
Craps, 2 tables
Let it Ride, 1 table
Pai Gow Poker, 1 table
Poker, 15 tables
Roulette, 3 tables

All Star Bar & Grill - American
Cosmic Grill - Deli - Latin American
High Mesa Lounge - Bar - Latin American
Midnight Star - Restaurant
Plaza Bar - Bar
The Feast Buffet

Bowling Center, Gift Shop, Golf.
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ABQ has several major casinos, and I would rank Santa Ana Star #2 (Sandia is the largest and most successful). SAS is loosely connected with the world class Hyatt Tanaya Spa resort (which is about 1 mile away). It's just north of town off I-25, about 15 miles from the airport (which is South of town).

The game is for real, but the number of other games (Roulette, etc.) has probably shrunk some. Even the casinos in ABQ are feeling the downturn and are cutting back.

If you plan a trip to ABQ, you won't be disappointed in your choices for gaming options. And, there are even more casinos about 50 miles north in the Santa Fe area.

However, SAS is the only casino offering the 0% HA craps bets. It's kind of become their signature draw.
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