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Quote: billryan

El Cortez, as an example, will not let you use the free play coupons from both on the same day.

I am showing that I won 11.25 in EC last year between us on the coupons but I didnt write down which book they were from. As mentioned ACG does not have any this year and I cant remember if they did last year.
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According to my records, El Cortez had just the LVA coupon since 2015.
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I don't buy either now that I live here. Someone gave me the 2018 one last year but I don't think I opened it.
I spent my first weekend in Vegas at the EC, thanks to a twofer in the ACG. Back then, they didn't have a players club, but if you hit a jackpot of $250 you got a certificate for three free nights.
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please delete
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