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April 8th, 2021 at 3:22:00 PM permalink
For anyone who thinks they just might not know everything about this subject and is willing to learn, search on "should I used a VPN."
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Quote: kewlj

Sir, no one is accusing YOU of anything here. YOU are good. No need to defend anything. We all know what and who we are talking about here.

And I didn't think you were. I was s just mentioning that sometimes I might be on here while I have my VPN on, but, I'm not up to anything nefarious.

I think you have to look a the situation for each case. For instance, if I found out someone like Gamefreak, WMOAT, or ThatDonGuy was using a VPN, I wouldn't really think anything of it.

If I noticed a member was posting up some totally outrageous claims while using a VPN or some business IP, along with his VERY suspicious supporter("s"), I would start to wonder what shenanigans were afoot.
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Dan. Since you read this site I hope you will read this post. I respect your decision. End of story. What I dont understand is why you allow posters to continue to write about someone who cannot respond. Maybe you can explain it to me?

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Point is, you really need to put a muzzle on Tasha.

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