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New Table Games and Stephen Au-Yeung.
Who Are Stephen Au-Yeung, Derek Webb, and Geoff Hall?

*** By Michael Stevens: I love it when I can find a site about gambling that isn’t overtly promotional.
Not long ago, I came across a site called New Table Games run by Stephen Au-Yeung, and what a treat that was.

If you’ve never heard of Stephen Au-Yeung, this post will get you up to speed.
I’ve also tried to provide an overview of a representative number of games of various table game families, although New Table Games has multiple variations of each...

** Who Are Stephen Au-Yeung, Derek Webb, and Geoff Hall?
Stephen Au-Yeung, Derek Webb, and Geoff Hall describe themselves as the top three legends of “New Table Games.” Au-Yeung is the copyright holder listed on the website, though, and he’s arguably the most important figure.

** Stephen Au-Yeung’s biggest claim to fame is his creation of Casino Hold’em® in 2000.
It’s a casino game version of Texas Hold’em where the house banks the action, and it’s played throughout the world, online and off.

** Derek Webb is best known for inventing Three-Card Poker which has been called the most successful new table game in the casinos.
He sold his company to Galaxy Gaming and...

** Geoff Hall is the third big casino game inventor on the site, and he’s best-known for inventing Blackjack Switch.
he’s developed... including Free Bet Blackjack, Zappit...

* Roulette-18®.
One of the recent games promoted on the New Table Games site is Roulette-18®, which they bill as the first socially-distanced roulette in land-based casinos.
Roulette-18 features 19 numbers and has a house edge of 5.26%...

* Raise‘Em Poker®.
An Example of a Progressive Table Game.
Most of the time when you think of progressive jackpots, you think of slots and video poker.
But table games with progressive jackpots have been growing...
Raise ‘Em Poker is a great example of such a game.
Here’s how it works:...

* Lucky Draw Baccarat®.
Another interesting table game variation from New Table Games is Lucky Draw Baccarat.
The intent behind the game is to combine Baccarat with Blackjack.
In Lucky Draw Baccarat, Each player gets a hand to play against the dealer.
And as in blackjack, you get to decide whether or not to hit or stand.
In traditional baccarat, those maneuvers are determined by the prescribed rules...

* Unlimited-21 Blackjack Auto-Splits®.
A variation of online Live-dealer Blackjack which can be played by an unlimited number of players.
How does the casino pull this off?
This game has already been adopted by several well-known online casinos in the United States, including Borgata, Caesars, Golden Nugget, MGM, BetFair, Bet America, Party, Star Dust and...

* Double Barrel® Bonus.
A pair of Blackjack Side bets...

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Casino Hold'em® Mr ChipTricks® Air Traffic Tower + Sexy Model Dance.
*** Mr ChipTricks® 3 x 6-Chips Xmas-Tree + THREE Colour Christmas-Trees:

*** Chip-Tricks are Performed by Stephen "Mr ChipTricks®" Au-Yeung (Legend of New Table Games®) | 世界第一 賭場桌面遊戲 發明家.
*** THE Founded of New Table Games:

THE Creator of:
1. Dave "Devil-Fish" Ulliott 魔鬼魚 ©1997. Mother of ALL Poker Nicknames.
Wikipedia:- The nickname was thought up by Stephen Au-Yeung in early 1997.
* David “Devil-Fish” Ulliott enter Poker Hall of Fame.

2. Christmas Tree (Triple-Stack Shuffled) 三疊洗籌碼 聖誕樹 ©1996, Mother of ALL Chip-Tricks.

3. CHINA got SKILLS 中國有技能.

4. Free-Play New-Games 免費玩新遊戲

5. 2-Days News 兩日新聞

6. Never-Ending News 永無止境的新聞
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Ezugi to Unveil Innovative Concept: Gaming Bar Peru.
*** Ezugi, one of the most established providers of live casino content and part of Evolution Group, has just disclosed its innovative live dealer creation, Gaming Bar Studio Perú.
The new solution takes the Latin American experience to the next level, with standard live entertainment and an exciting gaming atmosphere placed inside the colorful gaming studio.

Players who test the new option will enjoy Spanish-speaking performers and live dealers, who are professionally trained entertainers, who also take the dance floor.
This elevates the gaming atmosphere even more, providing players with a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Going International
Gaming Bar Studio Perú is already available across several tables including Unlimited® Blackjack™, Baccarat, and Roulette...

The live stream of the games will be delivered in high definition from the Ezugi studio, providing a seamless casino experience.
The delivery of Gaming Bar Studio Perú will fortify Ezugi’s position as the most powerful provider of Spanish-speaking live dealer games and products.

Speaking on the latest product from the portfolio, Business Development Manager – LATAM at Ezugi, Erick Mendez, said:
“Gaming Bar Studio Perú is a unique concept that takes the entertainment factor of playing live dealer to the next level...

According to his words, each dealer is a professional as well as a performer of Cirque du Soleil – an excellent skill set that enables the company to provide such a unique live dealer experience.

He concluded:
“Gaming Bar Studio Perú will clearly appeal to operators and players in Latin America, but we also believe it will prove to be popular in other Spanish speaking markets.”

“We are really proud of this concept as it shows how we continue to push the boundaries while also establishing ourselves as the number one Spanish-speaking live dealer provider in LatAm and beyond.”

About the Brand
Established in 2012 by gaming veterans, Ezugi delivers cutting-edge, mobile-first, and live dealer products to worldwide casino operators.
It is focused on delivering the most engaging experience to players.

Ezugi operates 9 studios...
It is specialized in Gaming Platform... Live Dealer Casino Products with offices in London, Spain, Malta, Belgium, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Latvia, Cambodia, and Colombia...

* FREE Live-Dealer Unlimited® Blackjack-BAR™ (aka FIESTA Blackjack Unlimited)

** Unlimited® Blackjack™ Invented-by Stephen Au-yeung Power-by EZUGI.

** Unlimited® Blackjack™ ©2006. THE FIRST Blackjack for Unlimited-Players.

** THE FIRST Live-Dealer Unlimited® Blackjack™ Play-Online in the USA ©2018 (Golden Nugget added Unlimited-21 Blackjack Auto Split® to its online live dealer game library in June 2018).

* Math at Wizard of Odds:

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Casoo Casino Real Money Test: Deposit, KYC and Cashout
Casoo Casino is a Curacao-licensed brand that entered the online gambling scene in 2019. How do they fare from the registration process through to withdrawal? LCB tester plays for real money and examines the service every step of the way.

FREE-Play Casino Hold'em® at Casoo Online-Casinos
1. Power-by NETENTL:
2. Power-by Play'n GO:
3. 3-Hand Power-by Play'n GO:
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Casino Hold'em® MrChipTricks® 86Dis85: Cross-Fire Muscle-Pass + Disco 86 CHINA.
*** Casino Hold'em® for Land-Based Casinos CONTACT: Stephen Au-Yeung and/or TCS-JohnHuxley:

*** Chip-Tricks are Performed by Stephen "Mr ChipTricks®" Au-Yeung (Legend of New Table Games®) | 世界第一 賭場桌面遊戲 發明家.
*** THE Founded of New Table Games:

Stephen Au-Yeung's TOP-20 New Table Games:
1. Casino Hold'em® Poker™ 賭場德州 撲克™:
2. Unlimited-21 Blackjack Auto-Split® 無限21​點™:
3. Raise'em Poker Plus® | Raise'em Poker Xtra® 累積獎金 加注 撲克™: |
4. Caribbean Hold'em™ 加勒比海 撲克™:
5. ​​Roulette-18® 輪盤十八™:
6. Game-Show Roulette® 遊戲節目輪盤:
7. Casino Hold'em® Jumbo-7® Progressive™ 累積獎金 巨型7™:
8. Rapid 8's® Roulette-Progressive™ 快速8 累積獎金 輪盤™:
9. ​Lucky Draw Baccarat® 幸運 百家樂™​:
10. ​Ten 20® Bonus-Blackjack™ 十點 二十點™:
11. Perfect 11® Bonus-Blackjack™ 完善11點™:
12. Double-Barrel® Bonus-Blackjack™ 雙層砲 21點™:
13. ​Contrast® Bonus-Baccarat™ 红黑對比 百家樂™:
14. 10+11 Progressive-21® 10加11 累積獎金 21點™:
15. Block Pro® Blackjack-Progressive™ 三條同花 累積獎金 21點™:
15. ​Blackjack Block Bonus®​ 擋牌獎 21點™​:
17. Roulette Link-Bets® 輪盤連路™​:
18. Flush-Roulette® 輪盤花™​:
19. Top-Up® Power-Bet Blackjack® 補足 21點™​:
20. Open 21® Power-Bet Blackjack® 開牌 21點™​:

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FREE-Play Slots Power by Play'n GO: Nyjah Huston – Skate For Gold.
FREE-Play New-Games.

Grind your way to the top with this ‘trucky’ new slot from Play’n GO, Nyjah Huston – Skate For Gold

Nyjah Huston – Skate for Gold is based around World Champion skateboarder Nyjah Huston, one of the most influential athletes ever to pick up a board. The game features two fun features based on his skill with a board.

Nyjah the picture symbols in this game, one picture of the champ himself, and four ‘trick’ symbols, acton shots of him performing tricks on his board. The rest of the symbols are the graffitied letters S K A T and E.

The Wild is a stylised symbol that can expand into a skateboard and cover a whole reel; it may even turn into a golden Wildboard that includes a multiplier up to x10!

The symbols can unlock two fantastic features on the grid, and these are Wildboard and SKATE.


Wildboard can be triggered at random while you play the base game. One of Nyjah’s trick symbols will be chosen and, if it lands on the reels, Nyjah himself will ride across the reels leaving Wilds in his path. One of these Wilds will expand into a Wildboard, and may even transform into a golden Wildbord giving you up to 10x multiplier on any wins it creates.


The letter symbols will trigger this feature. If the letter symbols land on the reels in the right order to spell SKATE, you’ll unlock free spins! When the symbols land on the right reels to trigger this feature (S on reel 1, K on reel 2 etc.), they will be golden in colour.

During SKATE, Nyjah will have to pull off the perfect combo by performing three tricks in the correct order. If he succeeds, he will unlock the Wildboard feature. Unlocking Wildbord during free spins will also grant you to extra free spins!

Join Nyjah Huston for the gnarliest slot adventure yet in Nyjah Huston – Skate For Gold!

FREE-Play Slots Power by Play'n GO:
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See More at: GO P-1. | GO P-2.

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Casino Hold'em® MrChipTricks® 87Dis55: Over-Head Anti-Gravity + Disco 55 CHINA.

*** Chip-Tricks are Performed by Stephen "Mr ChipTricks®" Au-Yeung (Legend of New Table Games®) | 世界第一 賭場桌面遊戲 發明家.
*** THE Founded of New Table Games:
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Casino Hold'em®

Igaming Focus: Regulated icasino is long-term key to U.S. growth.
The U.S. igaming industry is in hyper-growth mode at the moment, but much will also depend on whether current regulatory levels continue, especially with regard to icasino.

The U.S. igaming industry is currently described as being in a phase of hyper-growth, and looking at the numbers and the levels of investment, start-up, buyouts or listings activity surrounding it, this is an accurate description.
The market is described as being in hyper-growth because it is in its earliest phase, with so much of its potential to be realized.
However, this potential is very much dependent on ongoing and broadening regulation across many states, and the regulatory scenarios in the most important jurisdictions (Florida, California et al) are still to play out with regard to which groups – commercial operators or tribal gaming interests, in other words – will get licensed and under what conditions...

When it comes to verticals, the difference between online sports betting and icasino is also clear. Many executives are on record as stating that icasino is where the money and real value are when it comes to margins and profitability; and...

Icasino rollout in doubt
Research by analysts confirms this. The June report by Deutsche Bank looking at igaming numbers and potential regulatory scenarios shows that the Michigan icasino market recorded gross gaming revenues (GGR) of around $80m in February, just after the state had gone live with regulation...

The research adds “that it is highly likely that operators in Michigan have been incredibly promotional in the year-to-date, as the land grab efforts play out.”

The case for ongoing and broad industry growth is based on favorable icasino legislation across additional states that would make the vertical the driver of growth for years to come. But other than Michigan, DB’s report says “no state has legalized commercial icasino gaming in the aftermath of the pandemic, other than the two tribal licenses in Connecticut, and Michigan was approved for icasino, though it hadn’t launched prior to the pandemic.”

The pandemic has certainly proved the value of online gaming and betting, and...

However, when it comes to icasino regulation, DB says it finds “the theme of the pandemic making icasino legalization a likely source of funds for states, far less likely now, post-bailouts, than perhaps was the case 6-12 months ago, especially given the lack of progress by front runner states, namely Indiana and Illinois.

“As such, we think the rollout of icasino is likely to be a lot more challenging than most expect, and far more challenging than sports betting. Coming into 2021, Indiana and Illinois were the two larger states that were contemplating icasino legalization...

Unlimited-21 Blackjack Auto-Split®
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A Place at the Table
A convergence of industry changes, including Covid-19, have turned ETG stadiums into a growing phenomenon.

The new Live! Casino in Philadelphia features an increasingly popular type of gaming venue: electronic table games (ETGs) in a stadium setting. This setup at the R Bar (l.) is on steroids: a total of 74 ETGs or “dealer-assist” Interblock games, including 17 at the bar and the rest in a semicircle with big animated screens, plush seating and a built-in party atmosphere.

Clearly, there’s no waiting. Dozens of people can play at a given time, and just a handful of live dealers call the action for everyone.

Therein lies part of the appeal of the ETG stadium, both for guests and operators, says Mike Cray, vice president of property operations for the Cordish Companies’ Live! casinos.

“First of all, the setup is absolutely gorgeous, with the TVs and screens, and this is a lower-limit kind of table game...

Great Leap Forward
Electronic versions of table games originated in Europe in the 1990s, then migrated to Asia and the U.S., finding homes in smaller casinos that wanted to maximize the value of their table segment, as well as markets that didn’t yet offer traditional tables. In 2015, industry leader and ETG pioneer Interblock released a study saying enthusiasts of the games “play more often and longer, have larger gaming budgets, are likely to spend more, and are more likely to play games across the entire operation.”

In the U.S., says Interblock CEO John Connelly, ETGs reached a new level of popularity right before the viral outbreak.

“It didn’t happen overnight; it was an evolutionary process over the past 48 to 60 months, but really hit a turning point in the back half of 2019...

Boom Time
IGT Dynasty Stadium

Paul Baskerville, director of product management for gaming technology provider IGT, has witnessed the same phenomenon. “This upward trajectory started before the pandemic, but the events of the last year certainly accelerated the momentum,” he says.

In addition to flexible seating, stadiums let operators offer table game content from nearly any location on a gaming floor, and the games are easier to clean.

“Operators and players also appreciate the rate of play that ETGs offer. ETG players can enjoy multiple games at once, not having to wait for the dealer as they would in a live setting. This increases the rate of play and reduces the per-hand labor costs.”

In 2018, when IGT installed ETGs at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, it stated that when a live dealer works in conjunction with ETGs, one dealer can deal 150 hands an hour to multiple players, for up to 1,800 bets an hour, or more than seven times the bets taken by one dealer at a physical baccarat table.
Baskerville says the stadium setup appeals to players across demographics of generation, gender and skill level. “In cases where a casino promotes an ETG stadium like a ‘party pit’ or something similar and creates an atmosphere that may be appealing to younger demographics...

Help Me If You Can
Moreover, the dynamics of the game are drawing slot players too, says Cordish’s Cray. “You have to remember when slot players play video poker, they have roulette and blackjack in those terminals, and a lot of them are going over to the Interblock stadium, too. Of course, existing table game players enjoy ETGs especially when live table games are a little bit higher on the minimum side. You can get the same outcome at a lower price.”

Laura Sims, product manager for game developer and manufacturer Aruze Gaming, points out other advantages of dealer-assisted ETGs, in and out of the stadium setting. “Players like the trust factor: there’s a person involved. They can see physical cards and see the dealer, and that interaction is something they value. And for some players, the barrier to entry isn’t as intense as in a traditional table game.”

With each player at his or her own terminal, there’s “a level of separation, where they can place their bets somewhat in private; that removes some of the etiquette questions that new players particularly can find intimidating about table games,” says Sims.

Features like EZ Help on Aruze’s Roll to Win electronic craps games make the learning curve even easier. “Once it’s turned on, you can press any location on the screen and it will tell you everything you need to know about placing bets—what are the odds, what’s the pace of the game, how you get paid,” says Sims. “It’s on the main game-play field, not buried in help screens. It makes it so much easier to not just play the game but to learn it, love it and basically become a...

Unlimited-21® Stadium-Blackjack™
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FREE-Play Power by NETEN: Happy Riches.
FREE-Play New-Games.

This game is loaded with Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Free Spins and a triple Multiplier!
The Golden Dragon Wild is the highest paying symbol in the game.
Free Spins symbols and medium-win symbols can appear as Doubles. Doubles count as 2 single symbols and can help you to win big!
4 or more Free Spins symbols takes you into Free Spins, where stacked wilds come into play.

In Free Spins, coin wins are tripled when 3 or more Free Spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels… leading you to spectacular wins!

FREE-Play Slots Power by NETENT:
King of 3 Kingdoms. | Ocean's Treasure. | Dazzle Me Megaways™ | Golden Grimoire. | Scudamore's Super Stakes. | Temple of Nudges™. | Irish Pot Luck. | Rise of Maya. | Arcane Reel Chaos. | Wild Worlds. ||| Spinsane Slot. | Disco Danny. | Cash-O-Matic. | Dark King. | Rage of the Seas. | Mercy of the Gods™. | Grand Spinn. | Jungle Spirit.
See More at: NETENT Page-1. | NETENT Page-2.

FREE-Play Casino Hold'em® HTML™ Power by NETENT:
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