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What is your opinion about the success of casinos re-opening?

* have they shown that they can do this safely ?

* have they opened profitably?
the next time Dame Fortune toys with your heart, your soul and your wallet, raise your glass and praise her thus: “Thanks for nothing, you cold-hearted, evil, damnable, nefarious, low-life, malicious monster from Hell!” She is, after all, stone deaf. ... Arnold Snyder
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The First 20 Wizard of Odds Livestreams

Here is the second score of Wizard of Odds livestreams....

Episode #21
Stream Date: 03-26-2020
Length: 01:01:19
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Money, monocles and dead bodies
Livestream contest rules
Coronavirus: How Vegas casinos are treating their workers
The Wizard bicycles down an empty Strip (part 1)
Stephen King book: "The Stand"
The Wizard's biggest bets
Blackjack tournament strategy
Is investing in stocks a form of gambling?
The Wizard bicycles down an empty Strip (part 2)
$20 for a dance?
Money management for reaching a win goal
The Wizard bicycles down an empty Strip (part 3)
Ball steering and wheel clocking in roulette
Which imploded Vegas casinos does the Wizard miss?
Casino spread of table games and field trials
Dotty's casinos
Time travel to Vegas past and old school blackjack
Paper currency art and colors from around the world
The Atomic Testing Museum
Playing chess
Livestream contest drawing
Coronavirus in Nevada
Beatles or Stones?

Episode #22
Stream Date: 04-09-2020
Length: 00:55:28
Topic: Vegas Scams

Oliver and Pip
Resort fees
Shell game scam and three-card monte
CNF fees
Suggested tip scam and tip inflation
Time share pressure pitch
Parking fees
Triple zero roulette
Ultimate X scam
Casino gift shop pricing
Character picture costs
Personal info scams
Free CD scam
Casino floor design (and buffets)
Heather in commercials
Night club scams
When will Vegas casinos reopen?
Mini bars
Rant: Really bad Vegas shows
Prostitute and escort scams
Betting systems and touts
Taxi scams

Episode #23
Stream Date: 04-16-2020
Length: 00:57:22
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Starfleet uniform colors and the Wizard's beard
Are Mexican donkey shows a myth?
Solitaire in Vegas
Costa Rican adult entertainment
Blackjack and baccarat odds
Will Bally's Jubilee show return?
When will Vegas casinos reopen?
Field trials and designing casino games
Allegiant Stadium
Wizard's kids reaching the gambling age
Wahlburgers restaurants
Will casinos wave resort fees?
Heather's paintings and Vegas parks
Will slot paybacks change?
Sports in empty venues
The Wizard's favorite casino games
Favorite Vegas things and Little Red Rock
UK casinos
Coming Vegas attractions
Taxpayer funded stadiums and the MSG
Sic Bo in Vegas
Preparing a strategy for a casino game
Where will the Wizard retire to?
Football safety bets and bowling
The Tiger King bandwagon
Has the Wizard cheated a casino?
Old school Vegas
Baccarat vs commission free baccarat
Heather's tales from the casino crypt

Episode #24
Stream Date: 04-23-2020
Length: 00:54:26
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Vegas Aces t-shirts
Baccarat: Player or Banker?
Finding the best locations for craps odds
Mayor Goodman's CNN interview
Pai Gow Tiles: Can you get an edge?
Online casino PvP commissions
The doey-don't advantage play
What permanent effects will Covid-19 have on casinos?
Astronomy, quarks and the Grand Unified Theory
How to contact the Wizard
Thermal cameras in summertime
Progressive jackpot installment payouts
The Doors or The Who?
European cemeteries
Movie: Barry Lyndon
Status on Heather's book
Survivor: Winners at War
The Wizard's slot play
Dice game popularity
Blackjack advantage play concepts
What TV shows does the Wizard watch?
Koobix and dice game analysis
Casino plaques
The Martingale betting system
Heather's ashtray story

Episode #25
Stream Date: 04-30-2020
Length: 01:06:30
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Beards and birthdays
When to quit playing
Is there Wizard of Odds merchandise for sale?
Craps: The vig on buy bets
Ethics: Seeing other players cheating
Do casinos cheat?
Memes, social media and Tuesday Trivia
Consecutive wins and losses on table games
Dark matter and science shows
The next total solar eclipse
Which casinos might fold from the pandemic?
When will Vegas casinos reopen?
Heather in lockdown
New casino pandemic procedures
The Wizard in lockdown
UFOs, aliens and skepticism
How will locals casinos fare during the pandemic?
Will casinos face lawsuits from Covid-19 liability?
Heather's and the Wizard's casino theme ideas
The seven deadly sins on Gilligan's Island
Land casinos moving to virtual gaming
Should casinos go smoke free?
Pai Gow Tiles: Best seats and dealer cheating
Applied math or abstract math?
Table game pandemic rules
Casino poker
Little Red Rock
Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd?
Betting on murder mystery and escape rooms
Table game strategy cards
"Dark Side of the Moon" or "Wish You Were Here"?

Episode #26
Stream Date: 05-07-2020
Length: 00:57:26
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Itchy beards
Virus training videos, masks and head buffs
Social distancing roulette vs stadium gaming
Young Wizard's gambling skills
Cleaning tables and identifying players wearing masks
Why doesn't the Wizard answer YouTube comments?
Losing $1,000,000 with the Martingale system
Japanese, French and Labouchère
Owning your own slot machine
The Rubik's Cube
Ultimate Texas Hold'em: Seeing other player's cards
Social distancing craps
Overcoming random chance
Player's rights when detained by casino security
Returning to casinos when they reopen
Pai Gow Tiles: Placing the high and low hands
The Wizard and Steve Bourie
Pai Gow Tiles: Should you bet big?
Hiring the Wizard for game analysis
Cutting Edge 2020 videos
George Joseph, Richard Marcus and cheating
When will casinos return to normal?
Continuous Shuffle Machines
Allegiant Stadium status
New hobbies for the Wizard and Heather
Betting on obscure sports
Heather's health
Side bets

Episode #27
Stream Date: 05-14-2020
Length: 01:00:08
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Keeping your out of state ID in Vegas.
Ultimate Texas Hold'em: Face up cards
Sports betting in Covid-19 wake
Angela Wyman
Bingo vs Keno
The Labouchère betting system
Rob Singer interview
Famous license Plates
The Wizard's beard
Ultimate Texas Hold'em: Strategy
November election betting
Honoring expired comps post Covid-19
Will casinos eliminate chips?
Cartoon characters
Grateful Dead or Allman Brothers?
The Wizard's retirement
Current casino advantage plays
Remote slot play
Ideal bankroll for blackjack
Does Heather gamble?
The Smurfs
The Pinball Hall of Fame
Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman
Winning big on table games
The Wizard and blackjack
Will casinos be looser post Covid-19?
Why aren't there table games at McCarran Airport?
Playing poker for a living
Gambling within your budget
Heather's favorite and least favorite games to deal

Episode #28
Stream Date: 05-28-2020
Length: 01:02:34
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Shirts, an office tour and birthdays
Wizard reporting when Vegas reopens
Social distancing in casinos
Abusing the comp system
The blackjack Hall of Fame
Mathematical shortcomings
Memorizing Pi
Justifying a table game placement
Covid-19: Effect on table games
Casino music
Covid-19: Casino cleaning
Cosmic math
What would the Wizard like to collect?
Covid-19: Can casinos make a profit?
Chemin de fer: The house commission
The Angela Wyman interview
Spanish 21: Learning basic strategy
A brief musical interlude
How long does it take to analyze a game?
The Fermi Paradox and Drake equation
Reporting Wizard website corrections
How much revenue do casinos lose to card counters?
Meeting famous actors
Which US president would the Wizard want to meet?
Barry Corbin
The Brady Bunch: Tiger and Barry Williams
The future of online gambling
Movie: War Games

Episode #29
Stream Date: 06-05-2020
Length: 01:01:14
Topic: Las Vegas is Open

The Strip reopens
Pai Gow Tiles at the Wynn
The Wizard's beard
Foraging while camping
Which Strip casinos and shops have reopened?
Temperature checks, hand wash stations and masks
Restaurant status
Boyd and Station casino status
Rioting in Long Beach Ca
The Wizard's favorite casinos
The Bellagio fountain show
Electric cars
Separators and distancing at table games
Poker room status
Chip and dice cleaning
Kissing the dice
Who is wearing gloves?
Name that tune
Social Security solvency
Casino promotion status
Vegas show status
Phone menus for restaurants
The best age to take Social Security
A casino math puzzle
Cellphone camera scan app
Tourist and Player vibe on the Strip
US presidential election odds
The Fourteeners
What is normal normal?
Webstream: Studio vs home feed

Episode #30
Stream Date: 06-11-2020
Length: 01:12:20
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Downtown Vegas reopens
Do face-up carnival games offer advantage?
Cut card hygiene
Have slots and video poker tightened?
Tips for first time Vegas visitors
US presidential election odds
Craps: New table procedures
The Strip vs Downtown reopenings
Will the Wizard write a new book?
Update: Heather's book
Jeopardy! and The Price is Right
Pai Gow Tiles: Betting the commission
Craps: Player spacing
Handicapping US presidential elections
Craps: Do yo have to play Pass/Don't Pass?
Math and logic puzzles
Bitcoin advice
Spicy foods and hot sauce
Update: Best age to take Social Security
Vegas resorts for non-gamblers
21st birthdays
How honest are casinos?
Weighing virus risks
Skill-based gaming machines
Sports: Middling bets
Craps: Four 8s in a row
The math of slot comps
Scam: The Razzle Dazzle
Carnival games
A green-cheeked parrot

Episode #31
Stream Date: 06-18-2020
Length: 01:03:26
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Meet Pickle
The Wizard of Odds blackjack calculator
Specific Wizard questions
Vegas Aces Jeopardy!
Pai Gow Tiles: Tracking tiles
The Wizard's biggest craps win
US states holding out against gambling
Online casino cheating
Mountain climbing in Colorado
Online vs brick and mortar casinos
Slots: Advantage plays
Non cash table game chip purchasing
Banning casino chips
Favorite Star Trek actor
Blackjack: Using the Martingale
Cheating at online backgammon
Craps: Dice influence
Will Vegas have a second lock down?
Vegas magic acts
Cryptographic dice cheating
Heavy Metal bands
Texas Hold'em poker
Stadium casino games
Casino custom playing cards
The Vegas monorail
Casino dress codes
The Silverton casino
Video Poker: Returns over 100%
Cab, Uber or Lyft?
Baccarat: Advantage plays

Episode #32
Stream Date: 06-23-2020
Length: 01:00:58
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Removing your players card before a big win
Will Vegas shut down again?
A math puzzle
The Wizard of Vegas website
A brief history of the Wizard's gambling
Will cryptocurrency be accepted in Vegas?
Does the Wizard play the stock market?
House Edge vs Element of Risk
Will Vegas buffets survive?
Blackjack: Graphing true count vs house edge
Good table games that weren't successful
Baccarat: Advantage plays
Masks in the casino
Movie: Cube
Movie: Mean Girls
Beard maintenance
Games using a depleted deck
Strange phenomena
Book recommendations
Ultimate Texas Hold'em: Face up cards
Craps: Are there magnets under the table?
Slots: Why are buffalo machines so popular?
Name that tune
White boards on The Big Bang Theory
The gambler's fallacy
Giving advice at the table
A Wizard card counting story

Episode #33
Stream Date: 07-09-2020
Length: 01:05:52
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Mountain climbing
Movie: Touching the Void
Will Vegas casinos close again?
Do casinos help depressed areas?
Hiring the Wizard for analysis
College t-shirts
Movie trivia question
Analyzing games with no perfect strategy
The Wizard gambles on a cruise ship
Advantage slots
Video Poker: Comparing pay tables
Getting kids excited about math
Advantage players hiring the Wizard
Sports Betting: Becoming a pro
The house edge at a given true count
Craps: Odds bets
Taxes on gambling
Online gambling and addiction
Craps: Pass or don't pass?
Non gambling EV situations
Craps: Dice setting
Is the Wizard a party animal?
The Wizard now looks like a wizard
Side bets
What do you put on a hotdog?
Calculating a house edge
Monopoly strategy

Episode #34
Stream Date: 07-16-2020
Length: 01:01:24
Topic: Ask Me Anything

The Mensa IQ test
Paying off your markers: Part 1
Table game comps
Sports betting: Managing the juice
Baccarat: Is it beatable?
Getting married in Vegas
Video poker as retiree entertainment
How to build your own side bet
Blackjack: Finding local casino rules
Blackjack: Machine shuffle frequency
Statistical manipulation
Renaming sports teams
Which slots would the Wizard play?
Betting systems: The house edge
The Wizard websites
Paying off your markers: Part 2
Honeymoon destinations
Camaro or Corvette?
How the Wizard entertains guests
Vegas shows
Reallocating unpaid progressives
Pai Gow Tiles
Caribbean Stud Poker: Is it dying?
Are there successful dice controllers?
Will casinos improve their payouts?

Episode #35
Stream Date: 07-23-2020
Length: 01:05:30
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Mensa IQ test results
Tribal casinos in Southern California
A house edge dilemma
UNLV dorm room tips
Blackjack: Can you make good money?
The Wizard's college days
Craps: Trading dark side wagers
Blackjack: Counting cards online
Spanish 21: Card counting
Video Poker: The double up option
Money management strategies
Ultimate Texas Hold'em: Trips bet
Slots: Multi-denomination machines
Keno: Why do people like it?
Dice influence skepticism
Producing Wizard videos
Exploiting online loss rebates
Cruise ship casinos
Sports betting: The juice
Blackjack: Shuffle tracking
Mandalay Bay: Best games to play
Poker or blackjack?
Is bubble craps rigged?
How to contact the Wizard
Crapless Craps: Best bets?
Changing one thing about casinos
Reputable youtube gambling channels
Have fun and make good bets

Episode #36
Stream Date: 07-30-2020
Length: 01:10:31
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Rant: Third party hotel booking
The Wizard's poker play
Dealer pit signals
Video Poker: Chasing the royal
What part of gambling is fun for the Wizard?
UTH: The Florida Trips bet
What are the Wizard's favorite table games?
Fun with flags
Video Poker: Machine card shuffling
Cryptocurrency in casinos
The snowplow math puzzle
Appreciating a rainy day
Sports Betting: Adjusting bets for COVID
Which Vegas casinos are open?
Blackjack: Card count vs card aware
Name that tune
The melodica
The Slot Lady
Video Keno: Payout frequency
Future Wizard collaborations
Slots: Skill based games
Privacy in a non-cash society
Bubble Craps: The vig on buy bets
Baccarat: Nepal variant
UTH: Where to play online
Roulette: Is the game rigged?
Penny stocks
Hiring the Wizard as an instructor
Roulette: Testing the wheel for fairness
What happened to Red Dog?

Episode #37
Stream Date: 08-06-2020
Length: 01:00:48
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Precious metals and the US dollar
Is advantage play worth the effort?
An advantage play Wizard story
Big win and big loss emotions
Gambling misconceptions
Vegas lounge acts
Baccarat: Combined probability
Flag Trivia Challenge
Advantage play and taxes
Blackjack: Mixed color probability
A life or death wager
Are casinos changing odds during COVID?
Recommended podcasts
Mandatory side bets
Star Trek offshoots
Name That Tune
Science fiction
U2, Michael Jackson or Prince?
Show: M J Live
Star Trek: The Experience
The Wizard's favorite table games
Sports betting: Home field advantage
Slots: Changing payouts remotely
Unconventional dice
Contacting the Wizard

Episode #38
Stream Date: 08-13-2020
Length: 01:01:50
Topic: Ask Me Anything

The newest member of Mensa
North Dakota
Blackjack: Asking for a reshuffle
Positional probability
James Grosjean books
Baccarat: Phil Ivey edge sorting
Fun with Flags Trivia Challenge
FwF Rant: Snooty Commonwealths
Grimms' Fairy Tales
FwF Trivia Challenge (continued)
Math: Order of operations
FwF Trivia Challenge (continued)
Early Superbowl futures bets
Blackjack: Why do casinos still offer it?
Video Poker: House edges
Slots: Single vs multi-line
Table game fusions
Video Poker: Always going for the royal
Mensa social events
Cashing chips to avoid paperwork
Going out during COVID

Episode #39
Stream Date: 08-27-2020
Length: 01:07:41
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Rebels and beards
Blackjack: Ace/five counting
Slots: Jackpot returns
When will Vegas be totally open?
Heather and Boo Boo
Does the Wizard cook?
Vegas restaurants and comfort foods
Driving between LA and Vegas
Craps: How does the wizard play?
Tipping to upgrade your hotel room
Are all table games reopened?
Should I save for a convention in 2021?
Presidential Trivia (throughout show)
The ace/five count and blackjack variants
Vegas microbreweries
Getting rated for full vs empty tables
Slots: Positive state games
Revitalizing the north end of The Strip
Computer programming
Taxes and gambling
Celebrity sightings in Vegas
Are bar top machines open?
Ratings for time spent gambling
Craps: Pass vs Don't Pass
Star Trek: Lower Decks
Wizard public appearances
The Fibonacci betting system
Using actuarial math
Baccarat: The Wizard's counting system
Bingo: Tips on playing well

Episode #40
Stream Date: 09-03-2020
Length: 01:03:12
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Father Michael returns
Bible trivia (throughout show)
Video Poker: A dealt four of a kind
Sports Betting: NFL underdogs
Card counting full time
Using promo chips
Thou shalt not make side bets
Blackjack: Bad play affecting basic strategy
Video Poker: Drawing four to the royal
Video Poker: Best casinos to play at
Blackjack: Continuous shuffle machines
Sports Betting: Offshore sportsbook reliability
Baccarat: Strategy and card counting
Burger 51
Pai Gow Tiles: Buying used casino tile sets
Wonder Woman
Quantum computing
Leonhard Euler
The Wizard's PO box for fan mail
Adam and Eve


01) Hopkins Medicine t-shirt
02) ACBS Reno t-shirt
03) Baltimore Orioles t-shirt
04) Pineapple shirt
05) Hawaiian print shirt

06) Hawaiian print shirt
07) New York Islanders t-shirt
08) Pineapple shirt
09) Vertical red striped shirt
10) Red silk shirt with wristwatches(?)

11) ACBS Reno t-shirt
12) Priest costume
13) Pi t-shirt
14) Hard Rock casino t-shirt
15) A Train t-shirt

16) Pi t-shirt
17) White flamingo shirt
18) UNLV t-shirt
19) Texas A&M t-shirt
20) Oregon U t-shirt

21) Centennial t-shirt
22) Cleveland t-shirt
23) Pi Time t-shirt
24) Blank(?) gray t-shirt
25) Bearizona t-shirt

26) Beaver(?) t-shirt
27) Hawaiian print shirt
28) ACBS Reno t-shirt
29) Texas Longhorns t-shirt
30) Blank Orange shirt

31) Hard Rock casino t-shirt
32) Oregon Ducks t-shirt
33) Washington U t-shirt
34) JACK Cincinnati casino t-shirt
35) MTV t-shirt

36) Oklahoma t-shirt
37) UC (something) t-shirt
38) University of (something, possibly Oregon since it's green) t-shirt
39) UNLV Rebel t-shirt
40) Priest costume
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Reminder about Thursday's live stream. Usual time, 3:00 Pacific.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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Frank, Dino or Sammy?
Have you tried 22 tonight? I said 22.
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How do you feel about what the Welcome to Las Vegas sign has become? I feel like it used to be a lone beacon of mid-century modern Vegas style, and now it has become another cheesy tourist trap. Do you concur?

– smooth
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Holy crap! Let the record show that I posted my question *before* the Vegas scams (preview) video dropped!
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Episode #41
Stream Date: 09-17-2020
Length: 00:56:58
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Yosemite vacation
Warning: 5Dimes closing to US players
National Park trivia (throughout show)
A Vegas zeppelin?
Would the Wizard pose naked?
Blackjack: Calculating a dealer busting
Hot and cold weather
Sports betting: Betting lines
Who's the real Wizard?
Brain eating bacteria
Slots: Who wins the jackpot?
Vegas casinos reopening status
Pai Gow Tiles
Frank, Dino or Sammy?
Blackjack: A luck calculation
The "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign
Video Poker: 4 to a royal probability
Hiring the Wizard for casino math
Masks and smoking
Winter in Baltimore
Blackjack: 6/5 and the casino hold
Tournament play strategy
High value casino chips and plaques


Wizard Shirt: University of Vermont
The Wizard got lucky with his vacation as Yosemite is now closed by the fires (00:15).
Hell freezes over as the Wizard has nice things to say about 6/5 blackjack (45:51).
From 14:10...

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QUESTION: I was reading an article discussing how Elvis is quickly disappearing from Las Vegas. As Vegas locals, when was the last time either you or Heather actually saw an Elvis impersonator or, for that matter, anything else Elvis?
Have you tried 22 tonight? I said 22.
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September 24th, 2020 at 4:10:31 PM permalink
Did I miss the "Livestream Canceled" memo?
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Episode #42
Stream Date: 09-24-2020
Length: 00:55:48
Topic: Ask Me Anything

Math jokes (throughout show)
Baccarat: Can you make a living at it?
Blackjack: Counting methods
When will Vegas get back to normal?
Is this a good time to visit Vegas?
Baccarat: Playing hit and run
Riding a motorcycle
Stock market investing
Slots: Paying jackpot taxes
Sports betting: Is it affecting games?
Checking out new Vegas hotels
Abolishing dog and horse racing
Free Bet Blackjack
Getting kicked out of a casino
Blackjack: Effects of bad play
Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame
Video Poker: Best games
Casino celebrity sightings
Horse Racing: Is it beatable?
Baccarat: Getting barred
Card counting
Blackjack: House advantage vs hold
Dealer mistakes
Craps: Good and bad bets
Is dice control real?
Has the Wizard been trespassed?
Pretty girls distracting dealers
Craps: Betting the odds
Casino markers
Wizard math consulting


Strangely, when I tuned in to this livestream, I only got the "waiting to begin" title page and eventually assumed there had been a last minute cancellation.
Have you tried 22 tonight? I said 22.

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