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Great to hear. Keep the positive attitude.
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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear the good news.
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GreasyJohn, I saw this thread earlier and considered not commenting. However, I have changed my mind since maybe my thought would be helpful to someone. I was a man pretty much pronounced dead almost a decade ago. The things that kept me going were my family and friends. But in addition to that there were 2 daily thoughts that I had and which everybody could benefit by doing something similar. The first thought that I continually imagined was me and my wife at our favorite vacation spot. Always great fun. The other was in telling myself every day that tomorrow will be an even better day than today.

The message is STAY POISITIVE.

I wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

Good Luck!
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Awesome that you are in remission! Glad to hear you are doing better, GJ!
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