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Best wishes. I will be honest, I don't know that I would make it thru chemo so hang in there.
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GJ I wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes.
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Best of luck. If you have any 'doctor' type questions, feel free to pm.
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Best of luck. Keep fighting and hang in there for the "long run"
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Quote: Greasyjohn

then when I got out of the hospital two weeks ago today I went through a difficult period that only people that know about leukemia can appreciate.

Sorry to hear it. Sometimes the only working strategy is roll with the punches, and take it day to day as common wisdom.

Good luck and hope you have successful recovery.
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Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Greasyjohn. You are among friends here.
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It is good to have you back Greasyjohn. Please be encouraged to know that we are pulling for you, and many warm thoughts and prayers are going your way.

Of course, we are all looking forward to the details of the, "And I fell in love." cliffhanger. Do tell.
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Keep fighting wishes for positive steps forward as you fight this battle!!
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Quote: tringlomane

Good to have you back; best wishes on a speedy, sustained recovery. :)

I second this motion !
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Dear Greasyjohn,
What can I say? I have been putting this post off for a couple of hours now."
Now I am going to attempt to empathize with your current state of affairs.
I know that others have already expressed their feelings in response to your most recent post.
I see the names, I see the length of involvement in these forums of the posters.
In my relatively short time here I have come to respect those names.
I actually mentioned a few weeks ago, as part of another issue, where is Greasyjohn.
I had noticed your absence. I wondered if you were OK.
Obviously you were not OK, I didn't know.
Life is a beautiful thing, I cannot imagine anything more beautiful.
You have shared some of your life on this little group of forums, an amazing life it sounds like.
For that I send you my thanks, I feel sure others feel the same, many others probably.
I am here today, tomorrow is always an unknown. The same is true for you, for us all.
You get well now, you write here now, you call me if you need (well PM), I have a place in my life that is you.
Best cheers, and a salute, and a prayer, all for you
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