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Many WoV members complain about rules where rural casinos have no nearby competition. You've probably seen it yourself: Limited free odds at craps, BJ games that squeeze players by imposing every casino-friendly rule, and other table games with high-HA paytables and bonus pay-outs. They have a durn monopoly, they know it, and you can lump it or leave it.

Kevin Parker also reports seeing such shenanigans. A professional casino consultant, he calls them, "a disturbing trend regarding the ever-tightening odds related to the table games offerings." In this article Mr. Parker suggests reasons why remote, primarily local-player casinos should examine the bigger picture to determine the best balance between HA and friendly gaming rules for players.

As the HA increases, the more knowledgeable, serious gamblers will eventually decide to patronize other, more distant casinos in the surrounding area. Or, they may decide to save for more expensive -- but less frequent -- trips to a major gaming destination, like LV or AC. Mr. Parker identifies how more-isolated, rural casinos can increase effective HA while still retaining the all-important local gaming population.

Just saying, players may want to remind pit bosses and gaming directors, don'cher know?

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