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Quote: billryan

They are betting that the policy will attract more new customers than it alienates old ones. I think it has a realistic shot at succeeding.
The question is what does MGM do if it does succeed?

Even if it does attract more customers I doubt that they will gamble like the smokers. Smokers gamble more than non-smokers.
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Quote: DRich

Even if it does attract more customers I doubt that they will gamble like the smokers. Smokers gamble more than non-smokers.

Do they? Even if that is true, I suspect a lot of non-gambling non-smoking vegas visitors will welcome the change.
We will know in a year, maybe less.
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Quote: Gandler

In AC Revel tried to open as a smoke free casino and was crushed (granted many other issues)...

Please don’t assume that Revel’s problems were mostly about smoking. They were mostly about bad management decisions.

The had announced upon opening that there was going to be almost no comps. Even for high rollers. That was the biggest problem.

But the big problem regarding no smoking was NOT the no smoking rule per se, but that they didn’t have ANY accommodations for smokers. You had to go off property to smoke. You couldn’t even smoke outdoors if it was on Revel’s footprint.

Specifically, there was no smokers lounge. This, despite the fact that there was a space near the front desk that was about 20’ x 50’ oval, OPEN AIR, with a bar, a couple fire pits, and a small stage. It was designed to be a smoking lounge, but smoking was not allowed.

That’s the kind of stupid decision that killed Revel.
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I applaud the Park MGM!

Hopefully they don't change their minds (Revel) or go under (Silver City).
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I think it’s a great strategy and a great location to pilot this. They’re sandwiched between two other MGM properties (NYNY and Aria). If the customers really want to smoke while gaming, they just go next door. They’re not necessarily losing any market share to a competitor. However, I know a lot people who are fed up with the smoke and would happily drop whatever their loyalty status (Caesars, Grazie, etc) to stay and play at a smokeless casino.
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Here in Reno, the Atlantis Race and Sportsbook has been nonsmoking for years. Wish other casinos would follow and expand
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Thanks for this post from:
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In the Biloxi market, the Palace casino has been no smoking for several years.

Dog Hand
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I am so going to Park MGM to support the business.

I wish there was a federal law so ALL properties were smoke-free. That way no property would be at a competitive disadvantage.

Especially with Covid being a respiratory illness spread by aerosols, it makes absolutely no sense that smoking is allowed in any indoor place.
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I don't smoke, so happy to see this news, but I still wouldn't go to Park MGM. I don't like the property. It feels like a soul less generic olive-colored box. No playable VP, no poker (I don't think) and nothing really to keep my interest. It's drab, right down to its name.
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Quote: DogHand

In the Biloxi market, the Palace casino has been no smoking for several years.

Dog Hand

Point well taken. Many said the Palace Casino wouldn't make it as a non-smoking venue, but it survived. I've never seen it crowded, and the selection of table games is limited.

The Island View Casino in Gulfport built what is basically a second, non-smoking casino as part of the same property. I haven't been for over 2 years, but the "smoking" side always seemed busier than the "non-smoking" side. Regardless, the non-smoking side apparently generates enough non-smoking traffic.

It puzzles me why the Biloxi casinos that allow smoking -- some 30+ stories tall -- report that only 5 or 6 floors are non-smoking floors. I'm not sure where all the smoking gamblers stay overnight, but this doesn't add up.

And, it puzzles me why a gambler in Vegas can puff away blowing tobacco smoke everywhere, but gamblers cannot puff away blowing cannabis smoke. AFAIK, all the Biloxi casinos have "non-smoking" sections. If that's true in Vegas, folks who don't like the smoke have a non-smoke gaming area available.

Never any easy answers. However, I'm glad Biloxi/Gulfport supports (what I consider to be) 2 non-smoke casinos. I confess, I thought the original non-smoke proposal for the Palace was pretty chancey, don'cher know?

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